New NDCs Available for Hemophilia Product Ixinity

March 29, 2022

Effective for dates of services on and after January 1, 2022, four new National Drug Codes (NDCs) for the hemophilia product Ixinity® are available. Providers should use HCPCS code J7195 (factor VIII [antihemophilic factor, human] per IU) to bill for Ixinity. Previous Ixinity NDCs are still available and reimbursable.

If a provider submitted a claim using new a Ixinity NDC and did not receive reimbursement, the provider should re-submit the claim. For pharmacy billing, refer to the Medi-Cal Rx Provider Manual.

Newly Added National Drug Codes for Ixinity
Aptevo-Label NDC
Medexus-Label NDC (New) Product Name Strength
70504-0282-5 59137-282-05 Ixinity (coagulation factor IX [recombinant]) 500 IU
70504-0283-5 59137-283-05 Ixinity (coagulation factor IX [recombinant]) 1000 IU
70504-0284-5 59137-284-05 Ixinity (coagulation factor IX [recombinant]) 1500 IU
70504-0289-5 59137-289-05 Ixinity (coagulation factor IX [recombinant]) 3000 IU

An Erroneous Payment Correction (EPC) will be implemented to reprocess denied claims with dates of service on or after the effective date of this billing policy, that were appropriately submitted based on the guidance published in this article, but erroneously denied because Medi-Cal had not yet implemented the system changes to support appropriate adjudication. Providers may also elect to use this updated billing policy to correct and resubmit previously denied claims as described in the CIF Submission and Timeliness Instructions section of the Provider Manual.