Medi-Cal Provider Website: Improvements to Transaction Services

August 20, 2021

Beginning September 20, 2021, in an effort to continue to modernize and improve the user experience for Medi-Cal Provider website users, the look and feel of several webpages will be updated.

Note: Functionality is not changing. These updates refresh the look and feel only.

This release includes user interface updates to applications within Transaction Services and several webpages outside of Transaction Services.

A complete list of enhancements, updates and additional website changes can be viewed within the Medi-Cal Provider Website Release Change Log (PDF file size 69 KB).

The next release will include all of the remaining Transaction Services updates, as well as updating and reorganizing the Transaction Services Menu page for a better user experience.

Providers are also encouraged to subscribe to the free Medi-Cal Subscription Service (MCSS). The MCSS allows each subscriber to choose and tailor both the subject matters and types of communications they wish to receive from the Medi-Cal Program.