Submitting TAR Attachments

August 20, 2020

Providers are reminded to submit your attachments when submitting Treatment Authorization Requests (TARs). Failure to do so can result in a deferred or denied TAR for lack of attachments.

See Treatment Authorization Request User Guide, page 32 in the linked PDF (page 26 in the hard copy page) for detailed TAR submission instructions, and page 83 in the linked PDF (page 77 in the hard copy) attachment submission section for an overview of all methods (upload, fax and mail) to submit attachments.

Screenshot of the TAR submission page, specifically the “Attachment(s) Submission Option” radio button with the fax information below it highlighted. A note stating that all TARs will be deferred if attachments are not received is surrounded by a red box.

  1. Select the “Attachment(s) Submission Option” radio button that reflects how and when the attachments will be submitted. If the required attachments are not received within the specified time, the eTAR will be deferred or denied. When selecting either “I will be faxing attachment(s) now” or “I will be faxing attachment(s) (within 8 hours)”, a window appears to print a completed TAR 3 Attachment Form. Attachments may be submitted as hard copy via fax, U.S. mail or online. See the attachment submission section below for more information about faxing and mailing attachments. Note: When making a selection, the preferred method is to upload attachments followed by faxing attachments

  2. Click “Continue” to submit the eTAR for review or

  3. Click “Return to Summary” to return to the TAR Summary page.

Attachment Submission

Use the completed TAR 3 Attachment Form as the cover sheet for either faxing or mailing. Fax eTAR attachments to (877) 270-8779. If outside of California, fax eTAR attachments to (916) 384-9000. Mail eTAR attachments to the following address:

P.O. Box 526011,
Sacramento, CA 95852


  • When faxing attachments for multiple TCNs, submit attachments for each TCN as its own fax. The fax system does not differentiate attachments for different authorization numbers when sent together as a single fax.

  • It is important to turn off batching function options or auto coversheet options on the fax machine being used.

  • Attach the completed TAR 3 Attachment Form to mail and fax attachments.

  • Overnight delivery or FedEx cannot be used. A signature is required upon delivery and mailed attachments arrive to a P.O. Box.