Redirect MCSS Users to Medi-Cal Rx Subscription Service

Update Published December 9, 2020

Given the ongoing challenges and constantly evolving health care landscape associated with the unprecedented COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), in partnership and collaboration with Magellan Medicaid Administration, Inc. (Magellan), has decided to lengthen the time for the full implementation of the transition to Medi-Cal Rx by three (3) months. DHCS and Magellan will continue to dedicate their combined efforts and rigorous preparations towards Assumption of Operations (AOO) for Medi-Cal Rx on April 1, 2021. In the interim, all current processes and protocols, both effectuated by DHCS and our Medi-Cal managed care plans (MCPs), respectively, will remain unchanged and in place until Medi-Cal Rx launches. More information on this extension can be found in the article titled “Medi-Cal Lengthens Transition Time to Full Implementation – Go-Live on April 1, 2021” that published on November 16, 2020.

Original Published November 3, 2020

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) began publishing articles regarding the Medi-Cal Rx program in April 2020. This is the sixth article in the series. The intent of these articles is to ensure that Medi-Cal prescribers and pharmacy providers, and other interested parties, are better informed about the upcoming Medi-Cal Rx transition.

Effective January 1, 2021, Magellan Medicaid Administration, Inc. (Magellan) will be the new Medi-Cal Rx vendor. All administrative services related to Medi-Cal pharmacy benefits billed on pharmacy claims from the existing intermediaries, Medi-Cal Fee-for-Service (FFS) or Managed Care Plans (MCPs) will transition to Magellan.

Important Medi-Cal Subscription Service Update

All pharmacy content currently available on the Medi-Cal website is transitioning to the new Medi-Cal Rx site, which includes an email subscription service. To stay informed and up to date on the latest pharmacy news, current Medi-Cal Subscription Service (MCSS) subscribers should sign up for the free Medi-Cal Rx Subscription Service (MCRxSS). Subscribers will receive subject-specific emails for urgent announcements and other updates shortly after they are posted on the Medi-Cal Rx website. Individuals can sign up for this service on the MCRxSS page.