New Medi-Cal Rx Web Portal Announcement and Outreach Schedule

July 10, 2020

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) began publishing articles regarding the Medi-Cal Rx program in April 2020. This is the third article in the series. The intent of these articles is to ensure Medi-Cal providers, and other interested parties, are better informed as to the upcoming Medi-Cal Rx transition.

The Medi-Cal Rx transition of all administrative services related to Medi-Cal pharmacy benefits billed on pharmacy claims from the existing intermediaries, Medi-Cal fee-for-service (FFS) or Managed Care Plans (MCPs), to the new Medi-Cal Rx vendor, Magellan Medicaid Administration, Inc. (Magellan), goes into effect January 1, 2021.

Medi-Cal Rx Website is Now Live!
The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), in partnership with Magellan, is creating a comprehensive new Medi-Cal Rx website. This website will provide a publicly available portal for beneficiaries, pharmacy providers, prescribers, DHCS and other stakeholder users. The Medi-Cal Rx website will house Medi-Cal Rx information and make tools and resources available through secure and unsecured links. The URL for the portal is

The Medi-Cal Rx website has officially launched with limited information and will serve as a platform to educate and communicate available resources, information and changes to interested parties. Educational content and frequently asked questions will be posted and updated frequently. Additionally, a Medi-Cal Rx subscription service is available to allow interested parties to sign up and receive regular Medi-Cal Rx updates by email.

In August 2020, additional content will be added to the new Medi-Cal Rx website and interested parties will be able to view bulletins and NewsFlash articles regarding changes. Similarly, the provider manual and web portal navigation resource materials will be made available on the new Medi-Cal Rx website in the fall. Additionally, MCPs and providers will have the ability to sign up for training and education events. The entire website will be fully operational with all component parts by January 1, 2021.

This website will provide Medi-Cal Rx information to:

  • The general public and other interested parties/entities

  • Medi-Cal beneficiaries and/or their families/legal designees

  • Medi-Cal providers (including but not limited to pharmacies and prescribing physicians)

  • MCPs

  • Behavioral health (BH) plans

  • Substance use disorder (SUD) plans

This dedicated website will offer content available on a public platform that is accessible by all. Additionally, secured portals will be offered to beneficiaries, prescribers, pharmacies, billing agents and MCP partners to ensure they can access appropriate tools for services that require access to Protected Health Information (PHI).

What’s Next
DHCS encourages you to review the schedules of upcoming Medi-Cal Rx communications and trainings, provided below. Official registration details for all Medi-Cal Rx training sessions are coming soon.

Medi-Cal Rx Training Schedule

Date For Topic
August 2020 Providers (pharmacies and prescribers) Registration instructions for the secured portal and associated applications
September 2020 Providers (pharmacies and prescribers) General training begins
September 2020 MCPs Training schedule and registration instructions
October 2020 MCPs Training begins
October 2020 Providers (pharmacies and prescribers) General training continues
November 2020 Pharmacies Web Claims Submission training
November 2020 MCPs General training continues
November 2020 Providers (pharmacies and prescribers) General training continues

Medi-Cal Rx Communications Schedule

Date For Topic
August 2020 Providers (pharmacies and prescribers) Training announcements and instructions
September 2020 Providers (pharmacies and prescribers) 120-day Pharmacy transition
October 2020 Pharmacies 90-day notice letter
October 2020 Beneficiaries 90-day Medi-Cal Rx transition letter
October 2020 Billers/Switches/Clearinghouses Switch vendor testing information
November 2020 Pharmacies 60-day notice letter
November 2020 Beneficiaries 60-day Medi-Cal Rx transition letter
November 2020 All stakeholders and other interested parties DHCS approved clinical information
December 2020 Pharmacies 30-day notice letter
December 2020 Beneficiaries 30-day Medi-Cal Rx transition letter

For additional and ongoing updates regarding this transition, please visit the new Medi-Cal Rx website or you can also visit the DHCS Medi-Cal Rx Transition webpage. For general questions relating to Medi-Cal Rx, please direct your comments and questions to

Providers are urged to start engaging any business partners (for example, billing agents, switches and clearinghouses) that need to be aware of this transition and direct them to applicable resources as they become available.