TAR Requirement Removed for HCPCS Codes A4335 and A6250

March 17, 2020

Effective March 16, 2020, the Treatment Authorization Request (TAR) requirement was removed from incontinence cream and wash product billing codes A4335 (incontinence supply; miscellaneous) and A6250 (skin sealants, protectants, moisturizers, ointments, any type, any size). A TAR or Service Authorization Request (SAR) is required if claim quantity exceeds the frequency limits of 2,880 ml in an 81-day period for A4335 and 1,620 gm/ml in an 81-day period for A6250.

Providers are reminded that incontinence products supplied as refills are reimbursable if the product remains reasonable and necessary and the existing supply is nearly exhausted.

Updates to the List of Incontinence Medical Supply Billing Codes and List of Contracted Incontinence Creams and Washes to reflect the change will publish at a later date.