CalHealthCares Application Deadline and Final Webinar

February 3, 2020

Applications for CalHealthCares will be accepted until Friday, February 7, 2020, 11:59 pm (PST). We are conducting our last webinar so applicants may receive detailed information and responses to their individual questions. Please click the link to register:

Below is a list of commonly asked questions we have seen from applicants for the CalHealthCares Loan Repayment Program.

Question: If I practice at multiple sites with the same employer, do I have to fill out an Employer Verification Form (EVF) for each practice site?
Answer: Yes, please fill out an EVF for each practice site where you are providing direct patient care. Separate EVFs are not needed for additional practices sites if you are not providing direct patient care there.

Question: How do I calculate my current Medi-Cal patient caseload?
Answer: Your current Medi-Cal patient caseload is calculated by the percentage of Medi-Cal patients you provide direct patient care to. Medi-Cal patients, for the purposes of this program, are defined as any patient who is a Medi-Cal beneficiary. Dual-eligible is any patient who is a Medi-Cal and Medicare beneficiary. Dual-eligible is considered Medi-Cal for dentist applicants, but not for physician applicants. We’ve created a guide to help you calculate your patient caseload, which is available on our website. Please view the document How to Calculate Patient Caseload for more information.

Question: Can I use my facility’s Medi-Cal patient caseload percentage for my current Medi-Cal patient caseload in the application?
Answer: You must use your individual direct Medi-Cal patient caseload for the application. These are the patients you see as a provider.

Question: I am not enrolled as an active Medi-Cal provider, but my facility is; can I use my facility?
Answer: Physicians must be enrolled as an individual Medi-Cal provider. Dentists may use their facility’s Medi-Cal provider information.

Question: I am a provider and I do not currently have a National Provider Index (NPI) number or license number; what do I use for this question?
Answer: If you are a provider without an NPI number or license number, use all “1s” in this section of the application. For example: for license, use “111111” within your application. If awarded, you must provide the updated information.

Question: I am currently participating in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PLSF) and/or an income-based repayment program; am I eligible for the CalHealthCares Loan Repayment Program?
Answer: Yes, applicants are eligible for the CalHealthCares Loan Repayment Program if they are currently participating in PLSF and/or an income-based repayment program.

Question: Is my managed healthcare plan part of Medi-Cal?
Answer: DHCS has created a Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plan Directory, please search for eligible Medi-Cal plans for your county here.

Below are some common mistakes we have seen with the 2020 application:

Below are reasons applicants have been found ineligible for the 2020 application:

Employment Verification Form (EVF)

  • There is not an EVF for each facility
  • Employer does not answer every question
  • Application does not match EVF:
    • Current Medi-Cal patient caseload
    • Hours providing direct patient care
  • EVF states the applicant is in a Performance Improvement Plan/disciplinary action
  • EVF signature was a font or electronic signature

Total Payoff Balance:

  • Monthly lender statement submitted rather than a Total Payoff Balance Statement:
    • Lender statements do not have a total payoff balance amount
    • You generally have to request this total payoff balance statement from the lender directly
  • Total payoff balance statement does not have applicant name, account number, total payoff balance amount or date
  • Please see an example of the Total Payoff Balance Statement here. The Total Payoff Balance Statement must include:
    • Your name
    • Account number
    • Total payoff balance amount
    • Dated 11/13/2020 to present

CalHealthCares is not accepting monthly lender statements. See an ineligible example here.

Applications will be accepted until Friday, February 7, 2020, 11:59 pm (PST). Please encourage interested physicians and dentists to visit for more information.

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