Electronic SAR Now Supports Attachments

March 5, 2020

The California Children’s Services (CCS) and Genetically Handicapped Persons Program (GHPP) providers can now submit Service Authorization Requests (SARs) in an electronic format (eSARs) with attachments. Attachments must be in format of PDF, JPG or TIF. Attachments must be less than 15 megabytes (MB) in size, with the sum of all attachments being less than 150 MB. This feature aims to eliminate the paper SAR process for providers with internet connectivity.

To submit eSARs, providers must:

  • Register, or already be registered, as an active Medi-Cal provider
  • Have access to the Provider Electronic Data Interchange (PEDI) website
  • Register and be approved as a trading partner with the Department of Health care Services, Integrated Systems of Care Division, Children’s Medical Services Network (CMS Net) by agreeing to all the terms and conditions contained within the eSAR Trading Partner Agreement

Then, select one of the available options to submit:

  1. Utilize the enhanced online fillable form of the PEDI system to submit eSARs with the attachment
  2. Generate and submit one of the supported file-based transmission formats:
    • Web-based file upload utility in the eSAR system to submit ASC X12 275/278 transactions
    • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)/Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) secure web services method to transmit and receive ASC X12 275/278 transactions

Registered providers and clearinghouses can complete and submit the eSAR requests on behalf of the providers and facilities in their network.

Paper SAR submissions remain an option for low-volume SAR providers or submitters who may have technical limitations or practical reasons to do so.

Providers interested in learning more about eSAR submissions should contact the CMS Net Help Desk at cmshelp@dhcs.ca.gov or 1-866-685-8449 for helpful guidance and additional information.