New Medi-Cal Provider Website: Bookmarks, Community Pages and News Articles

July 1, 2020

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) reminds providers to bookmark their specific provider community page(s) for each of the provider communities they render services and benefits to as part of the Medi-Cal program. Each of the current and available 25 provider community-dedicated web pages are listed below with direct links to each web page.

Providers are also encouraged to reference the Navigating Medi-Cal and Specialty Programs chart to help identify the specific provider communities they each align to, as well as to locate which claim form(s) each provider community utilizes for billing.

Provider Community web pages serve as primary source for Medi-Cal News, Provider Bulletins, Provider Manuals, References and Featured Links.

Within each provider community web page, providers will find the following principal information resources:

Provider Community-Dedicated Web Pages

The following is a complete list of the 25 current and available provider community-dedicated web pages:

Allied Health – Provider Communities
Inpatient/Outpatient – Provider Communities
Long Term Care – Provider Community
Medical Services – Provider Communities
Pharmacy – Provider Community
Vision Care – Provider Community
Family PACT – Provider Community