New Medi-Cal Provider Website: Provider Manual Navigation

June 23, 2020

The Department of Health Care Services’ (DHCS) new Medi-Cal Provider website organizes Publications content by provider community. Web pages are individualized to each of the 25 provider communities that are the same provider communities on the previous Medi-Cal Provider website. As a result, provider manuals and provider bulletins are published on each specific provider community-dedicated web page.

A full list and breakdown of provider communities is presented within the Navigating Medi-Cal and Specialty Programs Chart which is located on the Medi-Cal Provider Publications web page. Providers can navigate to a provider community from the Medi-Cal Provider Publications web page, which is also accessible from the Providers tab located within the Navigation Bar at the top of each web page.

Provider Manuals
Provider Manuals are located within the Provider Manual accordion style drop-down bar. Providers will find both the Part 1 – Medi-Cal Program & Eligibility Manual and the Part 2 manual specific to the provider community on these web pages.

For example, a Clinics and Hospitals provider would find their specific provider manuals located within the Clinics and Hospitals provider community web page. Navigate to the Clinics and Hospitals page by selecting Providers tab > Publications > Inpatient/Outpatient > Clinics and Hospitals.

To access all provider manuals, regardless of provider community, navigate to the Resources tab and select References; then select all provider manuals.

Providers can also search through all provider manuals by navigating to the Search tab, inputting a desired search parameter and checking the available box titled “Search Provider Manuals Only”. The displayed search results will only be from provider manual content on the Medi-Cal Provider website.

The provider manuals are a key resource for Medi-Cal provider information on billing and policy. They publish monthly by the 16th in conjunction with the monthly release of the Medi-Cal Update Bulletins. These bulletins highlight the monthly changes in the provider manuals and are also published on each provider community web page.

Medi-Cal Subscription Service (MCSS)
Providers are reminded that they can quickly and easily subscribe to the MCSS for free, and tailor their subscription by provider community, via the MCSS Subscriber Form located on the new Medi-Cal Provider website.

Each MCSS subscriber decides the types of communications and subject matters that they want to receive each month via email. The MCSS offers news articles, bulletins and system status alert notifications.