New Medi-Cal Provider Website: Implementation Update and Helpful Reminders

June 3, 2020

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has changed the implementation date for the new Medi-Cal provider website to June 13, 2020. The new Medi-Cal Provider website will maintain the same website address as the existing Medi-Cal website (

Here are some important and helpful reminders about the new website:

Website Tour
DHCS recommends that providers and additional website users take the website tour upon visiting the new Medi-Cal Provider website. The website tour features a concise and helpful guide to the most commonly used areas of the new Medi-Cal Provider website.

Navigation Bar
The navigation bar is located near the top of the new website and includes the following six tabs:

  • Providers – Access Provider Enrollment, Transactions, New Provider page including checklist, Publications, Outreach & Education and Medi-Cal Subscription Service (MCSS)
  • Beneficiaries – Access critical information specific to Medi-Cal beneficiaries and recipients
  • Resources – Access both the Website Tour and System Status Alert web pages as well as key References
  • Related – Offers links to eight additional and related websites
  • Contact Us – Provides contact information for Telephone Service Center, Automated Phone Center, Walk-Up Claim Delivery Address, Cash Control and Written Correspondence, Out-of-State Provider Support and Small Provider Billing Training Services
  • Search – Offers an avenue to directly search the new Medi-Cal Provider website for specific information, forms and documents

System Status Alert Banner
The new Medi-Cal Provider website features an all-new System Status Alert banner. The banner appears at the very top of each web page any time a System Status Alert is in effect. The banner offers a direct link to the System Status Alert web page, where all alerts are posted.

If there are no system issues, the banner does not appear. The System Status Alert page can also be accessed by way of the Resources tab located within the new navigation bar located at the top of each web page in the header.

Medi-Cal Subscription Service (MCSS)
Current MCSS subscribers will continue to receive their tailored news and bulletins after the new Medi-Cal Provider website implements. Therefore, there are no actions that current MCSS subscribers need to take regarding their MCSS subscription.

Those who have not yet subscribed to the free MCSS are invited and encouraged to do so by simply filling out the MCSS Subscriber Form.

Site Map
The new Medi-Cal Provider website’s Site Map offers a complete website subject matter rundown in list form. This Site Map is located at the bottom of each web page in the footer links area.

The new Medi-Cal Provider website also offers several Settings options. The Settings button is located in the top right corner of the home page. Options include high contrast, increase font size and decrease font size. At any time, high contrast can be turned off by selecting the Default button. The font size can be returned to its original size by selecting the Reset button.

Website Bookmarks
Previously saved bookmarks from the existing Medi-Cal website must be replaced once the new Medi-Cal Provider website launches. It is recommended that all providers and website users bookmark specific new web pages they identify as most useful and common to their everyday use.

Furthermore, DHCS recommends bookmarking the new provider community-tailored web pages that align to the specific provider groups for benefits and services they render. These tailored provider community-based web pages house a majority of the published content, such as
Medi-Cal news, Medi-Cal Update Bulletins, provider manuals, Medi-Cal Rates, claim forms and more.

Recall Buttons Removed
Recall Data buttons are no longer supported on Transactions Services screens including Automated Provider Services (APS)/Provider Telecommunications Network (PTN), Internet Professional Claim Submission (IPCS) and Real-Time Internet Pharmacy (RTIP).