FPACT - Family PACT Policies, Procedures and Billing Instructions Manual

Family PACT Letter (00letter) (Revision Date May 29, 2020) |232KB)
How to Use This Manual (0B hw to use) (Revision Date Feb 16, 2022) |392KB)
Family PACT Manual Table of Contents (1toc fpact) (Revision Date May 29, 2020) |126KB)
Benefits: Clinical Services Overview (ben clinic) (Revision Date Apr 14, 2023) |89KB)
Benefits: Family Planning (ben fam) (Revision Date Apr 14, 2023) |557KB)
Benefits Grid (ben grid) (Revision Date May 16, 2023) |432KB)
Claim Completion: CMS-1500 (claim cms) (Revision Date Oct 14, 2022) |2360KB)
Claim Completion: UB-04 (claim ub) (Revision Date Sep 16, 2021) |646KB)
Client Eligibility (client elig) (Revision Date Apr 14, 2023) |380KB)
Clinic Formulary (clinic) (Revision Date Nov 16, 2022) |374KB)
Drugs: Onsite Dispensing Billing Instructions (drug) (Revision Date Oct 14, 2022) |173KB)
Drugs: Onsite Dispensing Price Guide (drug onsite) (Revision Date May 16, 2023) |167KB)
Family PACT Program Overview (fam) (Revision Date Apr 14, 2023) |140KB)
Health Access Programs (HAP) Cards (hap cards) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |229KB)
Laboratory Services (lab) (Revision Date May 16, 2023) |404KB)
Pharmacy Billing Overview (pharm) (Revision Date Apr 14, 2023) |170KB)
Pharmacy Formulary (pharmacy) (Revision Date Dec 31, 2021) |88KB)
Program Standards (prog stand) (Revision Date Oct 14, 2022) |237KB)
Provider Relations Directory (prov rel) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |178KB)
Radiology Services (radi) (Revision Date Aug 31, 2020) |94KB)
Treatment Authorization Request (TAR) (tar) (Revision Date Apr 14, 2023) |87KB)

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