Part 1 - Medi-Cal Program and Eligibility

Medi-Cal Program (00medi-cal) (Revision Date Apr 16, 2021) |95KB)
How to Use This Manual (0B hw to use) (Revision Date Feb 16, 2022) |392KB)
AEVS: General Instructions (aev gen) (Revision Date May 14, 2021) |211KB)
AEVS: Transactions (aev trn) (Revision Date May 14, 2021) |201KB)
Aid Codes Master Chart (aid codes) (Revision Date Jan 13, 2023) |381KB)
Appeal Process Overview (appeal) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |109KB)
Checkwrite (check) (Revision Date Jun 16, 2022) |160KB)
CIF Overview (cif) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |120KB)
Claim Payment Flowchart (claim pay) (Revision Date Dec 31, 2021) |129KB)
Claim Submission and Timeliness Overview (claim sub) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |280KB)
CMC (cmc) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |114KB)
CMC Enrollment Procedures (cmc enroll) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |127KB)
County Medical Services Program (CMSP) (county med) (Revision Date Sep 16, 2021) |71KB)
Electronic Fund Transfer (eft) (Revision Date Dec 16, 2021) |113KB)
Eligibility: Recipient Identification (elig rec) (Revision Date Dec 31, 2021) |127KB)
Eligibility: Service Restrictions (elig rstrict) (Revision Date Aug 14, 2020) |112KB)
Eligibility: Special Groups (elig special) (Revision Date Mar 8, 2023) |106KB)
Health Access Programs (HAP) (health acces) (Revision Date Jan 15, 2021) |121KB)
MCP: An Overview of Managed Care Plans (mcp an over) (Revision Date Jan 14, 2022) |141KB)
MCP: Code Directory (mcp code dir) (Revision Date Jan 13, 2023) |292KB)
MCP: County Organized Health System (COHS) (mcp cohs) (Revision Date Sep 16, 2022) |215KB)
MCP: Geographic Managed Care (GMC) (mcp gmc) (Revision Date Jan 31, 2023) |224KB)
MCP: Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) (mcp prim) (Revision Date Jan 14, 2022) |156KB)
MCP: Special Projects (mcp spec) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |173KB)
MCP: Two-Plan Model (mcp two plan) (Revision Date Jan 31, 2023) |228KB)
Medicare/Medi-Cal Crossover Claims Overview (medicare) (Revision Date Feb 16, 2023) |178KB)
OBRA and IRCA (obra) (Revision Date Apr 15, 2022) |153KB)
Percent Programs (percent) (Revision Date Apr 15, 2022) |162KB)
Programs Overview (prog) (Revision Date Jun 16, 2022) |215KB)
Provider Guidelines (prov guide) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |196KB)
Provider Regulations (prov reg) (Revision Date Dec 31, 2021) |363KB)
Provider Relations Directory (prov rel) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |178KB)
Form: TSC Main Menu Prompt Options (prov rel frm1 ref) (Revision Date Dec 31, 2021) |105KB)
Form: AEVS Main Menu Prompt Options (prov rel frm2) (Revision Date Jan 15, 2021) |98KB)
Form: Main Menu Prompt Options (prov rel frm3) (Revision Date Aug 31, 2020) |100KB)
Provider Telecommunications Network (PTN) (prov tele) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |252KB)
Share of Cost (SOC) (share) (Revision Date Dec 16, 2022) |563KB)
TAR Overview (tar) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |819KB)

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