Part 2 - Vision Care

Medi-Cal Program (00medi-cal) (Revision Date Apr 16, 2021) |95KB)
How to Use This Manual (0B hw to use) (Revision Date Feb 16, 2022) |392KB)
Appeal Form Completion (appeal form) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |628KB)
CCS Program Billing Guidelines (cal child bil guide) (Revision Date Jun 16, 2022) |77KB)
CIF Completion (cif co) (Revision Date May 16, 2022) |710KB)
CIF Submission and Timeliness Instructions (cif sub) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |172KB)
CMS-1500 Completion for Vision Care (cms comp vc) (Revision Date Apr 14, 2023) |765KB)
CMS-1500 Tips for Billing (cms tips) (Revision Date Oct 16, 2020) |165KB)
Contact Lenses (contact lens) (Revision Date Sep 16, 2020) |145KB)
Contact Lenses Example: CMS-1500 (contact lens ex) (Revision Date Sep 16, 2020) |505KB)
Correct Coding Initiative: National (correct) (Revision Date Apr 14, 2023) |160KB)
EPSDT (epsdt) (Revision Date May 16, 2023) |141KB)
EPSDT/CHDP (epsdt chdp) (Revision Date May 16, 2023) |290KB)
EPSDT/CHDP: Gateway (epsdt chdp gate) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |166KB)
Eye Appliances (eye app) (Revision Date Sep 16, 2020) |168KB)
Eyeglass Frames (eyeglass fram) (Revision Date Aug 18, 2020) |159KB)
Eyeglass Frames Example: CMS-1500 (eyeglass fram ex) (Revision Date Oct 16, 2020) |275KB)
Eyeglass Lenses (eyeglass lens) (Revision Date Sep 16, 2020) |192KB)
Eyeglass Lenses Examples: CMS-1500 (eyeglass lens ex) (Revision Date Aug 18, 2020) |1399KB)
Forms: Legibility and Completion Standards (forms leg) (Revision Date Oct 16, 2020) |129KB)
Forms Reorder Request: Guidelines (forms reo) (Revision Date Dec 31, 2021) |107KB)
Forms Reorder Request: Vision Care (forms reo vc) (Revision Date Sep 16, 2020) |317KB)
HCPCS Introduction (hcpcs) (Revision Date Aug 14, 2020) |114KB)
Low Vision Aids (low vision) (Revision Date Aug 31, 2020) |150KB)
Minor Consent Program (minor) (Revision Date Aug 14, 2020) |134KB)
Modifiers: Approved List (modif app) (Revision Date Dec 16, 2022) |331KB)
Other Health Coverage (OHC) (oth hlth) (Revision Date Feb 16, 2023) |83KB)
PIA Optical Laboratories (pia) (Revision Date Nov 16, 2020) |131KB)
Prescription Referrals: Vision Care (prescript vc) (Revision Date Aug 31, 2020) |106KB)
Professional Services (pro serv) (Revision Date Dec 16, 2022) |266KB)
Professional Services: Diagnosis Codes (pro serv cd) (Revision Date Sep 16, 2020) |156KB)
Professional Services Examples: CMS-1500 (pro serv ex) (Revision Date Sep 16, 2020) |1247KB)
Prosthetic Eyes (prosth) (Revision Date Aug 31, 2020) |128KB)
Remittance Advice Details (RAD) (remit adv) (Revision Date Mar 16, 2023) |123KB)
Sign Language Interpretation (sign) (Revision Date Aug 31, 2020) |136KB)
TAR Completion for Vision Care (tar comp vc) (Revision Date Aug 31, 2020) |265KB)
TAR Deferral/Denial Policy (Frank v. Kizer) (tar defer) (Revision Date Dec 31, 2021) |1563KB)

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