HIPAA: HIPAA Compliance

All efforts must be made now to analyze how your systems and business processes are impacted. Read the final rule for transaction and code sets, privacy and the implementation guides to understand the impact HIPAA will have on your organization. Conduct an operational and business assessment of your facility to determine which areas of your facility will be impacted by HIPAA. Inventory your technical systems to see if they are HIPAA compliant. Contact your vendors to ensure they are working towards HIPAA compliance.  If applicable, contact your parent company to see what HIPAA efforts may be underway. Begin educating your staff about HIPAA’s impact on health care practices. Participate in Medi-Cal billing workshops, provider association meetings and other HIPAA training that is available.

Medi-Cal provider education will be ongoing throughout the next few years. DHCS and its Fiscal Intermediary (FI) will use this Web site, a series of Medi-Cal bulletins and newsletter articles to educate providers on HIPAA's impact. Please refer to your Medi-Cal bulletins and this Web site for updated provider training information. Information will also be shared with professional associations.