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ICD-10 Beta Testing Signups Ending

February 5, 2014

If you would like to be an ICD-10 beta tester and submit practice claims containing ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS codes to Medi-Cal, please send an email requesting to be a beta tester to the ICD-10 Mailbox (ICD-10Medi-Cal@xerox.com) by midnight, February 28, 2014, and include the following:

  • NPI number
  • Submitter ID
  • Submitter name
  • Submitter type – Clearinghouse, billing service, hospital group, individual provider, etc.
  • Primary claim type – Pharmacy (30-1, 30-4), professional (CMS-1500), institutional (UB-04), etc.
  • Average number of providers represented
  • Average number of claims submitted per month

Medi-Cal will review volunteer requests and select a group representative of Medi-Cal to participate in the beta testing. Those who volunteered can expect to receive a response by April 30, 2014. Medi-Cal will conduct testing in the second quarter of 2014. Results will be published in future Medi-Cal Update bulletins and announced via other communication methods, as appropriate.

Question 18 of the ICD-10: FAQs has been updated to include the February 28, 2014, deadline to volunteer to be an ICD-10 beta tester.

Medi-Cal invites providers to take the ICD-10 Provider Readiness Survey. Please check the Medi-Cal website often for updates regarding ICD-10.