Family PACT Update

May 2022 | Bulletin 176

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1. Medi-Cal Subscription Service is Coming Back

++An article titled “Medi-Cal Subscription Service (MCSS) is Live” is now posted to the News Flash area of the Part 1 Provider Communications section of the Medi-Cal website. Refer to this article for the most recent status of and instruction regarding MCSS.


The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is pleased to announce that the Medi-Cal Subscription Service (MCSS) is returning.

For providers and Medi-Cal stakeholders unfamiliar with the service, MCSS is a free service that sends subscribers subject-specific emails based on the provider communities they have subscribed to. This keeps subscribers up-to-date when urgent announcements and other updates post to the Medi-Cal Providers website.

DHCS took the service down in October 2021 to address some necessary changes. The returning MCSS retains the functionality and look-and-feel of the service subscribers are familiar with. However, DHCS wishes to highlight one change and one action required of subscribers to ensure they receive MCSS emails once the service is turned back on:

  • Sent From Email Changed: Emails received via MCSS will be sent from the following email address:

  • Subscriber Action: The first few messages from MCSS may appear in spam or promotional inboxes. To avoid this, and to ensure they receive the latest messages from Medi-Cal fee-for-service, subscribers are instructed to add to their list of approved senders. Note that the exact instructions on how to add an email to the list of approved senders, will change depending on the email client in use. Medi-Cal has identified some frequently used email domains and resources on how to manage an approved senders list:

  • Subscribers who have alternative email domains not listed above (for example,, should defer to their company’s IT group or the email provider they use for their business, to ensure is listed as an approved sender.

  • Without taking action to add to the list of approved senders, it is possible that MCSS messages will either be blocked from the subscriber’s account or be filtered into Spam/Promotional folders.

Returning MCSS Subscribers

DHCS recommends existing subscribers add to their approved sender list to resume receiving MCSS emails. This is the only action needed. You do not need to re-subscribe for MCSS. Subscribers should keep an eye out for a “Welcome Back” email in the near future to see if they have appropriately added to the approved senders list.

DHCS will not send MCSS emails for publications published between October 2021 and May 2022. Instead, the “Welcome Back” email will highlight major changes and point to additional resources on any missed updates. Medi-Cal apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

Existing Subscribers can update their subscription preferences through a link in the footer of MCSS emails they receive. Only the most recent MCSS email will properly update subscription preferences.

New MCSS Subscribers

New subscribers can either sign up now using the current MCSS Subscription Form, or when MCSS returns using the updated online form. New subscribers using the current MCSS Subscription Form will not receive any emails until MCSS returns and the “Welcome Back” email is sent. New subscribers who sign up when MCSS returns will receive a “Welcome to MCSS” email. New subscribers should add to their approved senders list.

What’s Next

A News article will be published on the Medi-Cal Providers website once MCSS and MLP surveys are officially brought back online, and the “Welcome Back” emails begin to be sent out. DHCS is projecting that this will occur in late May or early June 2022.

Additionally, for all MCSS subscribers, refer to the updated Med-Cal Subscription Service (MCSS) Help page to find more information about this service.

2. 2022 Income Eligibility Guidelines for Family PACT Program

Effective for dates of service on or after April 1, 2022, Family Planning Access, Care and Treatment (Family PACT) Program providers are to use the following income eligibility guidelines when determining client eligibility for Family PACT services. Providers should disregard all previous Family PACT income eligibility guidelines charts.

Federal Income Guidelines
200 Percent of Poverty by Family Size
Effective April 1, 2022
Number of Persons In family/household Monthly Income
(In dollars)
Annual Income
(In dollars)
1 2,265 27,180
2 3,052 36,620
3 3,838 46,060
4 4,625 55,500
5 5,412 64,940
6 6,198 74,380
7 6,985 83,820
8 7,772 93,260
For each additional person, add: 787 9,440

Provider Manual(s) Page(s) Updated
Family PACT client elig (9)

3. Get the Latest Medi-Cal News: Subscribe to MCSS Today

The Medi-Cal Subscription Service (MCSS) is a free service that keeps you up-to-date on the latest Medi-Cal news. Subscribers receive subject-specific emails shortly after urgent announcements and other updates post on the Medi-Cal website.

Subscribing is simple and free!

  1. Go to the MCSS Subscriber Form

  2. Enter your email address and ZIP code and select a subscriber type

  3. Customize your subscription by selecting subject areas for NewsFlash announcements, Medi-Cal Update bulletins and/or System Status Alerts

After submitting the form, a welcome email will be sent to the provided email address. If you are unable to locate the welcome email in your inbox, check your junk email folder.

For more information about MCSS, please visit the MCSS Help page.

4. Provider Manual Revisions

Pages updated due to ongoing provider manual revisions:

Download PDF (Portable Document Format) reader from the Web Tool Box.