Billing Tips: Treatment Authorization Requests

Helpful Hints for TAR Completion

  • Submitting TARs
    • Include the updated/correct NPI provider number, provider name and address
    • Include correct beneficiary information
    • Include correct “From/To” dates
    • Include correct service/procedure codes
    • Include correct ICD code
  • Submitting Attachments by Mail for Paper TARs
    • Include a TAR number on attachments that can be traced back to the TAR
  • Submitting Correct or Update
    • Indicate type of correction/update needed
    • Providers should clearly specify what change(s) are being requested
  • Responding to Deferred TARs
    • Include Adjudication Response (AR) to deferred TAR and attachments
    • Include the additional information the deferral requested
    • Include the TAR Control Number with the TAR and attachments
  • Submitting a TAR appeal
    • Faxed appeals are not permitted and will be rejected.
    • Follow the submission guidelines in the TAR: Submitting Appeals section in the appropriate part 2 provider manual.
    • Include the original TAR number when submitting an appeal.

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