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CCS Service Code Groupings Policy Update DHCS Notice 4/13/2021
Every Woman Counts 2021 Income Eligibility Guidelines Every Woman Counts 4/8/2021
Virtual Claims Assistance Room (CAR) Room Event Claims 4/8/2021
Updates to Billing Instructions for Contraceptive Vaginal Rings Billing 4/8/2021
2021 HPE Income Eligibility Guidelines Programs 4/8/2021
2021 Income Eligibility Guidelines for the CHDP Gateway Program CHDP 4/7/2021
COVID-19 Drug Flexibilities Expiring DHCS Notice 4/7/2021
Erroneously Denied Claims for Lab Codes (80000-89999) Using Modifier 90 Claims 4/6/2021
New COVID-19 HCPCS Codes for the Every Woman Counts Program Every Woman Counts 4/6/2021
Medi-Cal Pharmacy Provider Self-Attestation Period Now Open Pharmacy 4/1/2021
Medi-Cal Rx Subscription Service and Pharmacy Service Representative Phone Campaign Pharmacy 3/30/2021
Temporary Increased COVID-19 Freestanding Skilled Nursing Facility Level B Rates Rates 3/30/2021
Limits Removed from ICD-10-CM Code U07.1 for Aid Code V2 Billing 3/30/2021
COVID-19 Testing: Billing Update for Medi-Cal COVID-19 Testing in Schools DHCS Notice 3/25/2021
2021 Quarter 2 HCPCS Updates Not Yet Adopted Billing 3/23/2021
CCS Service Code Groupings Update DHCS Notice 3/19/2021
Pharmacy Provider Self-Attestation Period Begins April 2021 Pharmacy 3/19/2021
Reimbursement for COVID-19 Vaccine-Only Visits for IHS-MOA Providers Claims 3/19/2021
Medi-Cal Coverage Under the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Claims 3/19/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration: Specific Groups Advised to Hold Claim Submission Claims 3/18/2021
Change to COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Maximum Allowable Rate Rates 3/18/2021
National Correct Coding Initiative Quarterly Update for April 2021 NCCI 3/16/2021
COVID-19 Uninsured Group Application Address Verification DHCS Notice 3/16/2021
PLA Code Billing Reminders Billing 3/15/2021
Vaccines for People with High-Risk Medical Conditions or Disabilities DHCS Notice 3/12/2021
New ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Diagnosis Codes Related to COVID-19 Billing 3/9/2021
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Uninsured Group – Vaccine Reimbursement Claims 3/8/2021
Updates to Every Woman Counts Forms Claims 3/8/2021
CCS Program and GHPP Require Separate SAR for Risdiplam Claims 3/4/2021
Future Enhancements and Changes Planned for Med-Cal Provider Website DHCS Notice 3/3/2021
Updates to The List of Enteral Nutrition Products Effective for Dates of Service on or After March 1, 2021 Billing 3/2/2021
Rates for Certain COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing HCPCS Codes Updated Billing 3/1/2021
Pen Needles Quantity Limits Change, Effective March 1, 2021 Billing 3/1/2021
CPT 2021 EWC Correction Billing 2/25/2021
Final Update of Transactions Impacted by February 2021 Outage DHCS Notice 2/23/2021
Alcohol Misuse Screening and Counseling are Medi-Cal Benefits Claims 2/22/2021
2021 CPT Spilt-Bill Update Billing 2/19/2021
SCPI and 835 Transactions Now Available, and PDF RADs In Process Claims 2/18/2021
Medi-Cal Rx Delayed Beyond Go-Live of April 1, 2021 DHCS Notice 2/17/2021
Medi-Cal Website Functionality Fully Restored on February 17, 2021 DHCS Notice 2/17/2021
Updated CCS COVID-19 Guidance, CCS FAQs and COVID Vaccine Flexibilities DHCS Notice 2/12/2021
Health Access Programs Client Enrollment System: Family PACT Family PACT 2/9/2021
Medi-Cal Learning Portal: Certificate Download Issue DHCS Notice 2/8/2021
Temporary Billing Policy for Contraceptive Patches Billing 2/8/2021
Recommencement of Pharmacy Retroactive Claim Adjustments Remains Paused Claims 2/5/2021
Updated Temporary COVID-19 Increased Bed Hold Rates for DP/ASA Services Rates 2/3/2021
Medi-Cal Rx Provider Manual Transition Pharmacy 2/3/2021
Reimbursement of COVID-19 Vaccine and Monoclonal Antibody Administration for Medical Providers Billing 2/3/2021
Temporary COVID-19 Increase Update to Reimbursement Rate for Certain Services Rates 2/2/2021
Proprietary Laboratory Analyses (PLA) Codes Now Implemented Billing 1/29/2021
Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management Implementation Date Delay Claims 1/27/2021
California Department of Public Health Resources for DGI and CS DHCS Notice 1/27/2021
Correction: Scales Were Added as a Medi-Cal Benefit with Incorrect Effective Date Claims 1/26/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration: Medical and Outpatient Claims Now Adjudicating Claims 1/25/2021
New Mailbox for Beneficiary to Request Nonmedical Transportation DHCS Notice 1/22/2021
Erroneously Denied Claims for Vaccines Update and Clarification Claims 1/22/2021
Update: Medi-Cal Rx Pharmacy Providers Electronic Fund Transfer Set Up and Opt Out Pharmacy 1/21/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration: Pharmacy Batch and Hard Copy Claims Can Be Submitted Claims 1/19/2021
Erroneously Denied Claims for Vaccines Billed Using SK and SL Modifiers Claims 1/15/2021
Sevenfact® Added to Blood Factor Product List Billing 1/15/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration: Preparing NCPDP 1.2 and Pharmacy Hard Copy Submissions DHCS Notice 1/13/2021
Update to Billing Policy for Infectious Agent Antigen Detection Billing 1/11/2021
Updated Policy Effective Dates for Billing Immune Globulins Billing 1/7/2021
Alternative Payment Option for Pharmacy Retroactive Payment Adjustments DHCS Notice 1/4/2021
2021 CPT Annual Update: FPACT Family PACT 1/4/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration: Real-Time NCPDP D.0 Pharmacy Claims Submission Reminders DHCS Notice 12/31/2020
DHCS Announces New Program to Enhance Hospital Capacity Amid COVID-19 Surge DHCS Notice 12/31/2020
Medicare Denial Requirement Eliminated for Certain Abortion CPT Codes Billing 12/30/2020
Automated Form Completion Now Available: POS Network/Internet Agreement POS Device/Network 12/30/2020
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration: Medical and Outpatient Claims Can Be Submitted DHCS Notice 12/29/2020
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration: Real-Time NCPDP D.0 Pharmacy Claims Can Be Submitted DHCS Notice 12/29/2020
Implementation Update: Cinacalet Tablets Now a Medi-Cal Benefit Claims 12/28/2020
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration: Preparing to Submit Medical and Outpatient Claims DHCS Notice 12/28/2020
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration: Preparing to Electronically Submit Pharmacy Claims DHCS Notice 12/28/2020
Reminders for ACEs and Childhood Developmental Screening Billing Billing 12/24/2020
Billing Assistance Program Available to Medi-Cal Providers Billing 12/23/2020
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration: COVID-19 Uninsured Group – Vaccine Reimbursement DHCS Notice 12/22/2020
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration: Initial and Upcoming Policy DHCS Notice 12/22/2020
Infectious Agent Antigen Detection by Immunoassay Reimbursement Rate Rates 12/17/2020
COVID-19 Virus and Antibody Testing DHCS Notice 12/16/2020
National Correct Coding Initiative Quarterly Update for January 2021 NCCI 12/16/2020
Erroneously Denied Claims for the Vaccines for Children Program Claims 12/14/2020
Medi-Cal Provider Website: Future Enhancements and Changes Planned Enhancements & Operations 12/14/2020
New Benefit for COVID-19 Detection Billing 12/14/2020
System Issue Resolved for Electronic Void/Replace Block-Billed Claims Claims 12/9/2020
Rates Are Updated for CPT COVID-19 Testing Codes 87636, 87637 and 87811 Rates 12/8/2020
Resetting PIN Through Telephone Service Center Enhancements & Operations 12/7/2020
Erroneously Denied Claims for Surgical Laparoscopy Claims 12/4/2020
TENS Units and NMES Devices Are Non-Taxable Billing 12/4/2020
New COVID-19 Testing Codes 87636, 87637 and 87811 Are Medi-Cal Benefits Billing 12/4/2020
Implementation Delay for Submitting Claims for Cinacalcet Tablets Claims 12/3/2020
Pharmacy Provider Self-Attestation Process Changes in 2021 Pharmacy 12/1/2020
New Medi-Cal Provider Website: Bookmarks Reminder Enhancements & Operations 12/1/2020
January Through February 2021 Medi-Cal Provider Training Webinars Provider Enrollment 12/1/2020
Erroneous Payment Corrections for Various Grifols Products Rates 12/1/2020
Pen Needles Policy Changed Fee for Service 11/30/2020
Updates to the List of Enteral Nutrition Products Fee for Service 11/24/2020
Medi-Cal Lengthens Transition Time to Full Implementation – Go-Live on April 1, 2021 Pharmacy 11/16/2020
From-Through Billing Requirement to Be Eliminated for Ventilator Rental Billing 11/16/2020
Medi-Cal Rx Electronic Claims Submission Pharmacy 11/11/2020
Medi-Cal Rx Payer Sheet Now Available Pharmacy 11/6/2020
Medi-Cal Rx Web Portal Registration Training Update Pharmacy 11/4/2020
Redirect MCSS Users to Medi-Cal Rx Subscription Service Pharmacy 11/3/2020
Electronic Void/Replace Block-Billed Claims Billing 11/2/2020
New Provider Web Page and Checklist on the Medi-Cal Provider Website Enhancements & Operations 10/29/2020
Updates to Cough Stimulating Device and Replacement Components Billing Policy Billing 10/27/2020
New Funding for Provider Relief Fund DHCS Notice 10/27/2020
FQHC/RHC Annual Rate Adjustment Rates 10/20/2020
CPT Code 86413 Reimbursement Rate Update Rates 10/16/2020
How to Fix Issue with 835 Transaction File Download Enhancements & Operations 10/14/2020
Medi-Cal Rx Pharmacy Providers Electronic Fund Transfer Set Up and Opt Out Pharmacy 10/12/2020
Additional Screening of Family PACT Provider Applicants in Certain Counties Update Family PACT 10/12/2020
Reimbursement Rate Update for Electroencephalography Procedure Codes Rates 10/6/2020
Updated Policy Effective Date for Billing Immune Globulins Billing 10/6/2020
2021 ICD-10-CM/PCS Codes Update Billing 10/5/2020
Reimbursement Rates are Updated for COVID-19 Testing Rates 10/5/2020
COVID-19 Uninsured Group Program Retroactive Applications Billing 10/1/2020
Pharmacy MAIC Survey begins October 1, 2020 Pharmacy 10/1/2020
Medi-Cal Business Operations Fiscal Intermediary Name Change DHCS Notice 9/30/2020
Pharmacy Maximum Allowable Ingredient Cost Survey Begins October 1, 2020 Pharmacy 9/29/2020
Medi-Cal Craig v Bonta Cases Restored Provider Enrollment 9/28/2020
2020 Quarter 4 HCPCS Updates Not Yet Adopted HCPCS 9/25/2020
Medi-Cal Rx Web Portal Registration & Training Information Pharmacy 9/24/2020
Increased MAPC for Nonsterile Gloves Rates 9/23/2020
Administrative Hearings to be Conducted by Telephone or Video Conference DHCS Notice 9/18/2020
COVID-19 Quantitative Antibody Test Added as a Medi-Cal Benefit Billing 9/18/2020
Additional Screening of Family PACT Provider Applicants in Certain Counties Update Family PACT 9/17/2020
Telecommunications (IVR) Update DHCS Notice 9/11/2020
MCSS Technical Refresh Coming Soon DHCS Notice 9/10/2020
Fiscal Intermediary Technology Refresh Implementation DHCS Notice 9/10/2020
DME and Medical Supplies for Recipients Impacted by Wildfires Durable Medical Equipment 9/10/2020
Billing Requirements for COVID-19 Telephonic Communications for FQHC/RHC and IHS-MOA Billing 9/9/2020
Modifier Update to HCPCS Codes G8431 and G8510 for Depression Screenings HCPCS 9/9/2020
Pharmacy Acquisition Cost Survey Stakeholder Information Session Pharmacy 9/9/2020
Medi-Cal Case Restorations DHCS Notice 9/4/2020
CPT Codes 86408 and 86409 for COVID-19 Testing are Medi-Cal Benefits Billing 9/4/2020
Advanced Notification of Billing Change for Pen Needles Billing 9/1/2020
New and Replacement Medication for (FFS) Medi-Cal Beneficiaries Impacted by Wildfires Fee for Service 8/31/2020
COVID-19 Uninsured Group Application Portal Qualified Provider Information Provider Enrollment 8/28/2020
Update to Medi-Cal Rx Support Services and Key Payer Sheet Details Pharmacy 8/28/2020
Erroneously Denied Family PACT Claims for HCPCS Code T1014 with RAD Code 9516 Family PACT 8/28/2020
Corrections on Medi-Cal Benefit for Multi-Function Ventilator Billing 8/27/2020
Computer Media Claims (CMC) TelePoint Decommissioning Claims 8/27/2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Uninsured Group Application Portal: Soft Launch DHCS Notice 8/26/2020
COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Section Now Available Enhancements & Operations 8/26/2020
COVID-19 Uninsured Group Application Portal Will Be Implemented August 28, 2020 Enhancements & Operations 8/21/2020
Submitting TAR Attachments DHCS Notice 8/20/2020
Broken Provider Manual Links on the Medi-Cal Website Enhancements & Operations 8/20/2020
Replacement Medication for Family PACT Clients Impacted by the State of Emergency Billing 8/20/2020
New Medi-Cal Provider Website: Provider Survey and Feedback Enhancements & Operations 8/19/2020
CPT Code 90863 is Not Reimbursable Billing 8/14/2020