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Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose Approved for Individuals 5 to 11 Years Old
Pfizer booster approved for individuals 5 to 11 years old.
HAP Client Eligibility System Updated to Capture Modality Used for Enrollment
Effective June 10, 2022, the HAP client eligibility system will be updated to capture the modality used in enrollment and recertification methods in the FPACT program. FPACT providers must denote the modality on CEC forms and in the HAP system.
Family PACT
Medi-Cal Subscription Service (MCSS) is Live
Announcement that MCSS is back online, outlining what has changed and suggesting actions to take to ensure email receipt.
DHCS Notice
Second Booster Dose for Select COVID-19 Boosters Now a Benefit
Updates that allow providers to bill second booster shot and clarify policy for procedure codes 0004A, 0034A, 0054A, 0064A.
2022 Income Eligibility Guidelines for Family PACT Program
The 2022 Federal Poverty Guidelines for the Family PACT Program are updated, effective April 1, 2022.
Family PACT
Coming Soon: Second Booster Dose for Select COVID-19 Vaccines
The U.S. FDA amended the EUA for select COVID-19 vaccines to allow for a second booster dose to eligible populations to be administered at least four months after initial booster dose.
DHCS Notice
Vaccine Counseling Services are Reimbursable using E and M Office or Other Outpatient Visit CPT codes
California recognizes the importance of vaccinating all Medi-Cal beneficiaries against infectious diseases, including COVID-19, and recognizes that counseling services may be required to assist in that effort.
April 2022 Medi-Cal Provider Coffee Break Event
DHCS and Outreach and Education (O&E) are hosting virtual coffee break events to discuss billing topics during the month of April.
Outreach and Education
Providers Holding Submissions of Claims for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration May Now Submit
Providers who administered COVID-19 vaccines to Family PACT, Tuberculosis Program, and COVID-19 Uninsured Group recipients, may now submit claims and receive reimbursement.
May 2022 Medi-Cal Provider Training Webinars
May webinar training classes and date availability.
Outreach and Education
Adding or Removing Other Health Coverage for Medi-Cal Beneficiaries
Reminder to all providers on how to manage beneficiary OHC, including resources that can be used.
Reimbursement of COVID-19 Vaccine and Monoclonal Antibody Administration for Medical Providers
This article details the administration and reimbursement of COVID-19 vaccines and monoclonal antibodies when administered as Physician Administer Drugs (PADs) by medical providers.
Hospital Presumptive Eligibility: Residency Requirements for Refugees
Per November 2021, direction from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on Health Coverage Options for Afghan Evacuees, qualified providers can accept the state where the individual is temporarily housed as their state of residence.
Family PACT

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