Provisional Postpartum Care Extension (PPCE)

Provisional Postpartum Care Extension (PPCE) provides an extension of coverage for Medi-Cal or Medi-Cal Access Program (MCAP) eligible individuals diagnosed with a maternal mental health condition (including but not limited to postpartum depression) during their pregnancy, postpartum period, or within 90 days from the end of the postpartum period. PPCE is targeted for implementation on August 1, 2020.

Under PPCE, individuals covered in a Medi-Cal or MCAP eligibility category during their pregnancy may remain eligible under that aid category for up to 12 months after the end of the pregnancy. Sixty days postpartum is included with Medi-Cal or MCAP pregnancy eligibility and PPCE will provide up to an additional ten months.

To qualify for PPCE, the treating health care provider must complete and sign the Medical Report for Medi-Cal or MCAP Postpartum Care Extension (MC 61) to verify the diagnosis of a maternal mental health condition. The MC 61 must be received by the Medi-Cal or MCAP program before the end of the 90-day period following the postpartum period, unless good cause is established.

The PPCE program may be suspended on December 31, 2021, unless further legislative action is taken. Should the suspension occur, the Legislature intends to consider alternative solutions to restore this program.

All County Welfare Directors Letters

Letter No. 20-14: Subject: Provisional Postpartum Care Extension

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MC 61 PPCE Medical Report Form

The MC 61 form can be found on the Pregnancy web page, the DHCS forms page at or obtained from the local county Medi-Cal office. A list of county offices and telephone numbers can be found here:

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