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Medi-Cal Computer Media Claims (CMC) Billing and Technical Manual

The Computer Media Claims (CMC) Billing and Technical Manual is being updated on an ongoing basis to reflect the new HIPAA 5010 and NCPDP D.0/1.2 formats. The updated sections will be posted under the “5010 CMC Billing and Technical Manual” heading as they are completed.


The following section of the 5010 CMC Billing and Technical Manual is not yet posted: TelePoint Submissions: Medi-Cal CMC, ANSI ASC X12N 837 v.5010 and NCPDP Batch Version 1.2. Please continue to check this page; this section is being finalized and will be posted soon.


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CMC Billing and Technical Manual Table of Contents (ctm5010 0)

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How to Use This Manual (ctm5010 00)

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Special Billing Instructions: Medical and Allied Health Services (ctm5010 02)

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Special Billing Instructions: Inpatient and Outpatient Services (ctm5010 03)

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CMC Data Specifications General Information (ctm5010 04)

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Testing and Activation Procedures ctm5010 05

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NCPDP Batch Version 1.2 Pharmacy Drug Claims (Section 1.0) (ctm5010 06)

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General Batch Transmission File Formatting (Section 1.1) (ctm5010 07)

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Version D.0 Transaction Information (Section 1.2) (ctm5010 08)

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Pharmacy Billing – Request (Section 1.2.5) (ctm5010 09)

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Pharmacy Billing – Responses (Section 1.2.6) ctm5010 10

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Pharmacy Billing – Response Error Message System (Section 1.2.7) (ctm5010 11)

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CMC Error Codes and Messages (ctm5010 12)

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Recipient ID Check Digit Algorithms (ctm5010 13)

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CMC Submission: Valid Character Input (ctm5010 14)

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Billing Instructions: Acceptable Claims, Attachments and ASC X12N 835 v.5010 Transactions (ctm5010 14a)

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Submitter Control Record Data Specifications – CHDP Claim Types (ctm5010 15)

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Provider Control Record Data Specifications – CHDP Claim Type (ctm5010 16)

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Claim Type 11 (CHDP) Claim Record Data Specifications (ctm5010 17)

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Claim Type 11 (CHDP) Remarks Record Data Specifications (ctm5010 18)

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Special Billing Instructions: Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural Health Clinics, and Indian Health Services-Memorandum of Agreement (ctm5010_19)

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CMC Technical Manual Cover (ctm5010 cover)

5010 CMC Manuals Current As Of: 07/26/2018


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