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Medi-Cal Celebrates Medi-Cal Subscription Service Milestone Achievement

September 27, 2019

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is excited to announce that its Medi-Cal Subscription Service (MCSS) reached and surpassed 20,000 total subscribers as of September 2019.

DHCS first launched its new MCSS in December of 2012, and since that launch, it has witnessed steady growth each year in the volumes of providers and stakeholders who have joined up and officially subscribed to this free and tailored information-based notification service.

Since launching in 2012, DHCS has marketed its MCSS via informational flyers, online articles and at annual Provider Training Seminars throughout California. It’s at these seminars where MCSS representatives directly informed and assisted providers in signing up for the MCSS at the MCSS information booth.

DHCS has received an impressive array of positive and encouraging feedback from countless providers about the MCSS including their individual and satisfied experiences with this service each year.

The MCSS offers an array of provider communication notifications that subscribers can choose to receive including NewsFlash articles, Medi-Cal Update Bulletins and System Status Alerts (SSAs). In addition, each subscriber is able to tailor their individual MCSS experience by selecting only the provider communications and subject matters that interest them and pertain to their Medi-Cal business.

MCSS is a terrific way for providers and stakeholders to save time and ensure that they never miss important program updates and policy changes. The MCSS notifies subscribers the same day whenever the Medi-Cal program releases articles, bulletins and SSAs on the Medi-Cal website.

Providers who have not yet subscribed to the MCSS are encouraged to join this growing community of more than 20,000 subscribers and take full advantage of this free informational service. DHCS invites providers and other interested parties to subscribe today by completing the MCSS Subscriber Form located online.