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Fill Number Now Required On RTIP and NCPDP Pharmacy Transactions

August 28, 2018

The online Real Time Internet Pharmacy (RTIP) claim submission system and the electronic National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) versions 1.2 and D.0 are being updated to accept a fill number value starting August 27, 2018.

The Fill Number field will be added to the “General” tab of the RTIP application and is a required field with acceptable values of “0” or “00” for original dispensing and “1” or “01” to “99” for refills. Providers can click on the “Fill Number” for detailed instructions on how to enter a valid fill number value.

For NCPDP versions 1.2 and D.0 electronic transactions, providers can use the updated NCPDP Standard Payer Sheet for NCPDP Version D.0 and the Pharmacy Billing – Request for NCPDP Version 1.2. Beginning March 1, 2019, claims will reject without acceptable values in the Fill Number field.