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Online PDF RAD and Medi-Cal Financial Summary

June 13, 2019

Providers can now securely view and download a PDF version of their paper Remittance Advice Details (RAD) and Medi-Cal Financial Summary. The PDF RADs are available on the Medi-Cal website under the Transactions tab.


To access the transaction, providers must have a signed Medi-Cal Point of Service (POS) Network/Internet Agreement form on file, an NPI and PIN.

PDF RAD User Guide
The PDF RAD Web Portal User Guide is also available on the Medi-Cal website. The user guide contains step-by-step instructions to help providers view and download the PDF version of their RAD. Providers may download the guide from the User Guides page of the Medi-Cal website.

Benefits of PDF RAD
There are many benefits to accessing RAD and Medi-Cal Financial Summary information online:

  • The PDF RAD and embedded financial summary information are available earlier than paper RADs and financial summaries.
  • The PDF RAD and financial summary contain all the information of paper RADs and financial summaries.
  • There is no charge for this new online service.
  • Up to six calendar weeks of current RADs are available for immediate download. In addition, a historical RAD database will be built up. When complete, three years of historical RADs will be available within one business day of a request.
  • Providers have an online ability to opt out of receiving paper RADs and help California go green.
  • Printed versions of the online PDF RADs are adequate to submit as supporting documentation with Claims Inquiry Forms (CIFs) and Appeal Forms.

No provider payments are made via PDF RADs. They are informational only.

Download the PDF RAD Flyer (PDF).

835 Transactions
Providers also are encouraged to sign up for the ASC X12N 835 transaction using the Electronic Health Care Claim Payment/Advice Receiver Agreement form (DHCS 6246). The form is located on the Forms page of the Medi-Cal website. The Medi-Cal website contains 835 transactions generated for the last six weeks. For information about 835 transactions, providers may refer to “ASC X12N 835 Transaction” in the Part 1 Medi-Cal provider manual section, Remittance Advice Details (RAD): Electronic.