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Fiscal Year 2018 – 2019 State Budget Reimbursement Contingency

June 26, 2018

If the State of California does not enact the fiscal year 2018 – 2019 budget by June 30, 2018, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) will direct Conduent to implement provisions pursuant to state law to process and adjudicate claims as outlined below.

Conduent will process and adjudicate claims for the following, regardless of dates of service:

  • Abortion
  • California Children’s Services (CCS) program/Medi-Cal
  • Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) program/Medi-Cal
  • Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment (Family PACT) Program
  • Medi-Cal program

Conduent will withhold all reimbursements for the following programs regardless of dates of service.

  • CCS-only (aid code 9D)
  • CHDP services only (aid code 8Y)
  • Every Woman Counts (EWC) (aid code 9A)
  • Genetically Handicapped Persons Program (GHPP) (aid code 9J)
  • Separate Children’s Health Insurance Programs, including:
    • Medi-Cal Access Infant Program
    • Medi-Cal Access Program

All providers are asked to continue to render services and submit claims for processing. Claim reimbursements will resume after the budget is signed.