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Reminder: Paper Claim Submission Guidelines

December 9, 2016

Providers are reminded to adhere to paper claim submission guidelines, which helps protect recipients’ health information and ensures timely and accurate claims processing.

Filling Out Paper Billing Forms
  • Whenever possible, type all information. Use 10-point font or larger (not to exceed the size of the field). The scanning equipment can only scan typed or computer-printed forms. Do not use script or italic font.
  • Type only in areas of the form designated as fields (for example, the Indicator field). Be sure the data falls completely within the text space and is properly aligned.
  • Avoid entering data in the margin, header or footer portion of the form. Overlapping of data may be misread.
  • Do not type zeros with a dot in the center. The scanning equipment may misread dotted zeros.
  • Handwritten forms should be printed neatly and accurately using black ballpoint pen only. All requirements pertaining to typed forms, such as entering data within the text space, apply to handwritten forms.
Printing Paper Billing Forms
  • Avoid printing claim forms using a dot matrix printer. Dot matrix print is not clear and may be misread. Laser printers are strongly recommended.
  • Frequently change the ink cartridges in the printer to avoid light ink. Light printing is not legible and may be misread.
  • Use black film-type or high-quality ribbons. Ribbons should be changed regularly to ensure that a clear, distinct character is printed.
  • Do not staple paper claims. Staples delay processing time. Use paper clips if needed.

For more general reminders about paper claim submission, please visit the Billing Tips: Paper Claims page or call the Telephone Service Center (TSC) at 1-800-541-5555.