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Notification to LTC Providers Submitting CMC and Receiving CMC Error Code 26

November 15, 2016

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is aware of an issue in which Long Term Care (LTC) providers submitting Computer Media Claims (CMCs) are receiving CMC error code 26 (provider/claim type not valid for this submitter). This issue is most likely caused by submitting claims to Medi-Cal using a third-party system that recently updated their software. It is likely these updates are now causing providers to erroneously receive CMC error code 26.

Medi-Cal has not changed any billing software in the Medi-Cal system. It is recommended that impacted providers contact their software vendor to ensure that they are populating the NM103 (loop 2010BB) field correctly.

Please refer to the HIPAA 5010 Medi-Cal Companion Guide v1.7 for additional information.