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Release Date for New Benefits Identification Card Design

August 16, 2016

As California's largest health insurer, Medi-Cal provides coverage to more than 13.4 million people, including childless adults, families, seniors, persons with disabilities, pregnant women and children. In commemoration of Medi-Cal's 50th Anniversary, the Benefits Identification Card (BIC) has been redesigned. This new design, featuring the California poppy, will be provided to newly eligible recipients and beneficiaries requesting replacement cards beginning mid-September 2016.


Currently there are no plans to provide the new BIC to the entire Medi-Cal population. Either of the two BIC designs may be presented by beneficiaries, as both will be in circulation for the foreseeable future. Both BIC designs should be accepted by providers. Providers must continue to verify eligibility. Possession of a Medi-Cal BIC does not guarantee eligibility. Providers may refer to the Eligibility: Recipient Identification section of the Part 1 provider manual for more details.

Providers are encouraged to visit the Medi-Cal website regularly for further updates.