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Hospital PE Providers' Instructions Regarding FFY Applying for Hospital PE

September 21, 2015

Former Foster Youth (FFY) may be eligible for Medi-Cal coverage until their 26th birthday. FFY coverage eligibility is based on foster care status only at 18 years of age or older. It is not based on income at all. Providers should not give the FFY the Single Streamlined Application to complete because it is not required to establish their Medi-Cal coverage.

The Medi-Cal Eligibility Data System (MEDS) has implemented a new MEDS alert to help facilitate Medi-Cal coverage for FFY. After a Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (PE) applicant identifies themselves as an FFY on the Hospital PE application, which establishes their eligibility, an automated MEDS alert is sent to the county to enroll the youth into the Medi-Cal program for FFY. The County uses the Hospital PE attestation to establish their eligibility and eliminates the need to complete any further paperwork or applications.

When an applicant is determined eligible for Hospital PE as an FFY, Hospital PE providers are to tell the FFY that:

  • A MEDS Alert Is Sent: A MEDS alert has been sent to the county and the county will be automatically transitioning the FFY from Hospital PE (aid code 4E) into the Medi-Cal program for FFY (aid code 4M). The county will also be checking to see if the FFY qualifies for ongoing Medi-Cal coverage until 26 years of age.
  • Continued Coverage: The FFY will remain covered while the county checks the youth’s ongoing eligibility for the Medi-Cal program for FFY.
  • No Single Streamlined Application Needed: The FFY does not need to fill out another application.
  • The county may contact the FFY if further information is needed.

Hospital PE providers should give the FFY the telephone number of the FFY Liaison in their county of residence so they can check on the status of their ongoing FFY Medi-Cal eligibility. Hospital PE providers can access the contact list on the How to Sign Up page of the Covered til 26 website.