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Reminder Regarding Guidelines for TAR and eTAR Submission

July 22, 2016

Effective for dates of service on or after July 1, 2016, Senate Bill 1457 requires paper Treatment Authorization Request (TAR) submission to remain an option for small providers and low-volume TAR submitters, and when electronic TAR (eTAR) submission is not possible due to technical limitations or practicality.

Providers interested in switching from paper TAR submission to eTAR submission should contact the Medi-Cal Provider Outreach & Education team for more information. Contact information is located on the Outreach & Education Web page of the Medi-Cal website.

As published in previous Medi-Cal Updates, unless otherwise directed by Medi-Cal, all paper TARs should be sent to the following location:

TAR Processing Center
820 Stillwater Road
West Sacramento, CA 95605-1630

If a provider submits a TAR to a field office, the TAR will be returned to the provider with instructions to send the TAR to the TAR Processing Center.

For TAR status or issues, providers may call the Telephone Service Center (TSC) at 1-800-541-5555. Providers outside of California may call (916) 636-1960.