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Part 2 – Hospice Care Program (HOS)

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Medi-Cal Program (00medi-cal)

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Medi-Cal Provider Manual Contents

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Manual Organization (0Amanorg)

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How to Use This Manual (0Bhwtouse)

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Getting Started: Where to Find the Answers D (0C get start)

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Contents (Part 2 – Program Medi-Cal Billing and Policy): Hospice Care (HOS)

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Appeal Form Completion (appeal form)

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CIF Completion (cif co)

115,215 Bytes173,568 Bytes

CIF Special Billing Instructions for Outpatient Services (cif sp op)

63,483 Bytes100,352 Bytes

CIF Submission and Timeliness Instructions (cif sub)

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Drugs: Contract Drugs List Part 5 – Authorized Manufacturer Labeler Codes (drugs cdl p5)

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Forms: Legibility and Completion Standards (forms leg)

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Forms Reorder Request: Guidelines (forms reo)

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Forms Reorder Request: Inpatient and Outpatient Services (forms reo io)

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HCPCS Introduction (hcpcs)

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HCPCS Level III Interim Code List: Reimbursable Medi-Cal-Only Codes (hcpcs iii)

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Hospice Care (hospic)

10,470 Bytes34,816 Bytes

Hospice Care Billing Codes (hospic bil cd)

415,369 Bytes566,272 Bytes

Hospice Care Billing Examples (hospic bil ex)

15,180 Bytes50,688 Bytes

Hospice Care: General Billing Instructions (hospic ge)

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Hospice Care: General Inpatient Information Sheet (hospic ge inf)

5,676 Bytes35,840 Bytes

Form: Hospice General Inpatient Information Sheet (DHS 6194)

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Medicare/Medi-Cal Crossover Claims: Outpatient Services (medi cr op)

818,651 Bytes967,168 Bytes

Medicare/Medi-Cal Crossover Claims: Outpatient Services Billing Examples (medi cr op ex)

36,252 Bytes194,560 Bytes

Medicare/Medi-Cal Crossover Claims: Outpatient Services Medi-Cal Pricing Examples (medi cr op pr)

4,725 Bytes29,696 Bytes

Medicare Non-Covered Services: Charts Introduction (medi non cha)

15,573 Bytes65,536 Bytes

Medicare Non-Covered Services: HCPCS Codes (medi non hcp)

15,571 Bytes52,736 Bytes

Other Health Coverage (OHC) (oth hlth)

12,455 Bytes49,152 Bytes

Other Health Coverage (OHC): CPT-4 and HCPCS Codes (oth hlth cpt)

15,656 Bytes54,272 Bytes

Physician-Administered Drugs: NDC (physician ndc)

18,357 Bytes58,880 Bytes

Physician-Administered Drugs – NDC: UB-04 Billing Instructions (physician ndc ub)

11,854 Bytes43,520 Bytes

Provider Billing after Beneficiary Reimbursement (Conlan v. Shewry) (prov bil)

11,829 Bytes40,448 Bytes

Remittance Advice Details (RAD) (remit adv)

28,129 Bytes183,296 Bytes

Remittance Advice Details (RAD) Examples: Outpatient Services (remit ex op)

10,322 Bytes35,328 Bytes

Remittance Advice Details (RAD): Payments and Claim Status (remit pay)

690,784 Bytes803,328 Bytes

Resubmission Turnaround Document (RTD) Completion (resub comp)

109,943 Bytes166,400 Bytes

Share of Cost (SOC): UB-04 for Outpatient Services (share op)

11,715 Bytes45,056 Bytes

Sign Language Interpretation (sign)

122,667 Bytes191,488 Bytes

TAR Completion (tar comp)

294,934 Bytes543,232 Bytes

TAR Deferral/Denial Policy (Frank v. Kizer) (tar defer)

33,333 Bytes134,656 Bytes

TAR Field Office Addresses (tar field)

104,194 Bytes151,552 Bytes

TAR Submission: Transmittal Form (tar submis)

10,532 Bytes33,792 Bytes

TAR: Submitting Appeals (tar submit)

368,239 Bytes554,496 Bytes

UB-04 Completion: Outpatient Services (ub comp op)

24,781 Bytes61,952 Bytes

UB-04 Special Billing Instructions for Outpatient Services (ub spec op)

20,137 Bytes83,456 Bytes

UB-04 Submission and Timeliness Instructions (ub sub)

14,623 Bytes56,320 Bytes

UB-04 Tips for Billing: Outpatient Services (ub tips op)


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