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Whole-Child Model Program Implementing in Select CountiesPrograms8/29/2018
VeriFone VX 520 POS Device to Decommission in July 2018POS Device/Network5/18/2018
VeriFone VX 520 POS Device Decommissioned in July 2018POS Device/Network9/5/2018
VeriFone VX 520 POS Device Decommissioned in July 2018POS Device/Network9/24/2018
Ventilator and Non-Ventilator Residential Care Rates UpdatedRates8/29/2018
Valid Revenue Codes for Outpatient ServicesClaims5/2/2018
Updated Directory for San Francisco County Mental Health ServicesDHCS Notice4/16/2018
Update to Clinic Dispensing Limits for Self-Administered Hormonal ContraceptivesFamily PACT7/17/2018
Timeliness Override for Dental MCPs for IHS-MOA ProvidersClaims11/6/2018
The Affordable Care Act Payment Adjustments and Forthcoming EPCClaims1/22/2018
TARs No Longer Processed by DHCS for HCBA Waiver Providers in Select AreaseTAR & TAR10/23/2018
TAR Requirements for Diclofenac Sodium InjectioneTAR & TAR3/27/2018
System Upgrade Scheduled for December 2018System12/10/2018
System Issue Related to RAD Code 0196 ResolvedBilling10/9/2018
Suspension of End of Life Option Act Services in Medi-CalDHCS Notice6/14/2018
Supplemental Payment Program Implemented for ICF-DD ServicesBudget/Payment Reduction4/10/2018
Special Open Door Forum for New Medicare Card Project Hosted by CMSOutreach & Education3/16/2018
September PDF RADs Outage ResolvedBilling10/11/2018
September 2018 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education7/20/2018
Safe Arms for Newborns Baby Naming ConventionsClaims1/2/2018
Restored Outpatient Acupuncture Services for FQHC/RHC ProvidersClaims1/24/2018
Reminder: Instructions when Completing an MC 604 MDV FormClaims6/5/2018
Reminder: Do Not Staple Paper Claim FormsClaims3/20/2018
Reinstatement of End of Life Option Act Services in Medi-CalPharmacy6/19/2018
Reimbursements for Hospice Room and Board Services in ICF/DD FacilitiesClaims11/28/2018
Reimbursement Rate Update for Intrauterine Contraceptive System (Kyleena)Rates4/18/2018
RAIS/Drug Rebate System Downtime Scheduled for June 2018System5/25/2018
Radiology Claims Erroneously Denied with RAD Code 0090Claims9/7/2018
Proposition 56 One-Year Supplemental Payment for ICF-DDsDHCS Notice1/23/2018
Postponement of AIDS MCP Antiviral Capitation/Inpatient Admissions ChangesDHCS Notice7/11/2018
Point of Service Transactions Downtime Scheduled for June 2018POS Device/Network6/8/2018
PAVE 3.0 Upcoming EventsOutreach & Education3/13/2018
Outpatient Acupuncture Services Restored for FQHC/RHC ProvidersBilling3/15/2018
Online PDF RAD and Medi-Cal Financial SummaryBilling10/15/2018
One Week Left to Complete the Medi-Cal Pharmacy Provider Self-AttestationClaims2/21/2018
October 2018 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education8/16/2018
Notice to Providers about Discharge Status Code 21 ImplementationBilling9/25/2018
Non-Medical Transportation: Enrollment, Document and Application Fee UpdatesClaims11/6/2018
New PDF RAD Web Portal User Guide Available on Medi-Cal WebsiteEnhancements & Operations2/16/2018
New Medi-Cal Benefits for Services Related to Alcohol MisuseBilling4/6/2018
New Managed Care Payment Process for IHS-MOAClaims2/2/2018
New Bioverativ Blood Factor NDC Medi-Cal BenefitsPharmacy8/14/2018
Modifications to the HPE Computer Based Training and HPE Application PortalOutreach & Education4/2/2018
MLP Outage – Register for September 2018 Long Beach Seminar by EmailOutreach & Education7/30/2018
Minimum Wage Senate Bill 3 Impact Survey: Due Date ExtensionDHCS Notice4/5/2018
Minimum Wage Senate Bill 3 Impact SurveyDHCS Notice2/1/2018
Medications to Treat InfluenzaPharmacy1/16/2018
Medi-Cal Website and AEVS Downtime Scheduled for November 2018System11/13/2018
Medi-Cal Website and AEVS Downtime Scheduled for March 2018System3/16/2018
Medi-Cal Website and AEVS Downtime Scheduled for July 2018System6/29/2018
Medi-Cal Web Transaction Services Downtime Scheduled for June 24, 2018System6/20/2018
Medi-Cal Transactions Services and SURGE/TAR Downtime Scheduled for May 2018System5/14/2018
Medi-Cal Benefit Added: Nonmedical TransportationBilling6/4/2018
May 2018 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education3/9/2018
March Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedDHCS Notice3/15/2018
March 2018 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education1/5/2018
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates10/11/2018
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates4/26/2018
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates3/22/2018
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates9/13/2018
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates7/12/2018
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates2/21/2018
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates8/10/2018
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates1/19/2018
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates6/1/2018
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates11/16/2018
June 2018 Medi-Cal Provider Training WebinarsOutreach & Education3/30/2018
July 2018 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education5/4/2018
January 2019 Medi-Cal Provider Training WebinarsOutreach & Education11/7/2018
It's Live: Online PDF RAD and Medi-Cal Financial SummaryClaims7/23/2018
Issue Resolved for ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes for Cervical AbnormalitiesClaims5/1/2018
Issue Regarding RAD and Check Warrant ProductionBilling9/19/2018
Informational Bulletin Regarding Disaster Relief for ProvidersProvider Enrollment11/21/2018
Information Regarding Disaster ReliefPharmacy11/14/2018
Implementation Delay: Automated Hemogram and RSV Laboratory TestsClaims8/7/2018
IMD Reimbursement Rates FreezeRates3/8/2018
ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes for Postprocedural Hematoma Erroneously DeniedClaims1/8/2018
ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes for Cervical Abnormalities Erroneously DeniedClaims2/22/2018
Hospice Routine Home Care UpdatesBilling4/9/2018
Ground Emergency Medical Transport Quality Assurance FeeRates6/28/2018
Grievance Procedure for Recipient Claims of DiscriminationClaims8/23/2018
Grace Period for Accepting VeriFone VX 520 POS Transactions Has EndedPOS Device/Network9/27/2018
Frequency Limitation Removed for Infant Preventive Medicine CodeClaims5/30/2018
Fiscal Year Two-Week Checkwrite Hold for Specific Provider PaymentsBudget/Payment Reduction6/5/2018
Fiscal Year 2018 – 2019 State Budget Reimbursement ContingencyClaims6/26/2018
Final Rate Update for AIDS Medi-Cal Waiver ProgramRates6/28/2018
Fill Number Now Required On RTIP and NCPDP Pharmacy TransactionsPharmacy8/22/2018
Fill Number Now Required On RTIP and NCPDP Pharmacy TransactionsPharmacy8/28/2018
February 2019 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education12/14/2018
Family PACT Client Eligibility Verification Issue ResolvedFamily PACT10/1/2018
Family PACT Claims Issue Resolved for RAD Codes 0169, 9515 and 9516Claims5/3/2018
Family PACT Claims for CPT-4 Code 87624 Erroneously DeniedFamily PACT8/3/2018
Family PACT Claims Erroneously Denied with RAD Codes 0169, 9515 and 9516Family PACT2/23/2018
Face-to-Face Encounter Required for Services by a Home Health AgencyPrograms3/6/2018
Expansion of Providers that can Authorize NEMT ServicesClaims4/9/2018
Every Woman Counts Provider Covered Procedures Forms UpdatedEvery Woman Counts6/1/2018
Every Woman Counts Program Addition of New Data Entry Fields for DETECEvery Woman Counts12/6/2018
Every Woman Counts Payment DelayEvery Woman Counts6/5/2018
Every Woman Counts Income Eligibility Guidelines UpdateEvery Woman Counts2/14/2018
Every Woman Counts Cervical Cancer Screening UpdateEvery Woman Counts12/7/2018
EPSDT Home Health Code Conversion: TAR/eTAR and SAR/eSAR Policy NoticeeTAR & TAR10/25/2018
Enteral Nutrition Product-Specific Criteria Removed for Kate Farms, Inc.Pharmacy6/29/2018
Enteral Nutrition Product-Specific Criteria Modified for Compleat ProductsClaims10/29/2018
Electronic SAR Now Supports AttachmentsClaims7/2/2018
Disposable Insulin Delivery System Code Is Now a Medi-Cal DME CodeClaims10/19/2018
Diabetes Prevention Program: New Medi-Cal Benefit Coming in 2019DHCS Notice10/26/2018
Diabetes Prevention Program Established for Medi-CalPrograms1/2/2018
Dental Managed Care Differential Payment for IHS-MOA FacilitiesClaims9/24/2018
Deactivation of Non-Participating Family PACT ProvidersFamily PACT11/26/2018
CPT-4 Code 87255 Erroneously Denied for Family PACT ProgramFamily PACT8/6/2018
Correction: Upcoming Pharmacy Fee-For-Service Reimbursement ChangesPharmacy9/28/2018
Correction: Radiology Claims Erroneously Denied with RAD Code 0090Claims9/11/2018
Correction: No TAR Required for Copper IUDseTAR & TAR6/15/2018
Correction: Hospital Name/Accepting Physician Not Needed for Medical Transportation Dry RunsClaims2/27/2018
Correction: Amended Billing Structure for CCT CodeBilling7/17/2018
Correction to Reimbursement Rate for Hydroxyprogesterone CaproateBilling4/10/2018
Correction to Laboratory Services EPC Letter (Reference Number P33416A)Rates4/12/2018
Correction to 2018 CPT-4 Annual UpdateBilling6/5/2018
Correction to 2017 – 2018 Freestanding Nursing Facilities – Level A RatesRates1/29/2018
Corrected Rate Update for AIDS Waiver ProgramRates4/30/2018
Coming Soon: TAR Submission Change for Non-Emergency Medical TransportationeTAR & TAR7/11/2018
Clarification on Which Special Programs May Bill EWCEvery Woman Counts11/5/2018
Clarification of EWC DETEC ‘Lost to Follow-up’ and ‘Refused Care’ StatusesEvery Woman Counts12/6/2018
Claims Processing Issue for Screening and Diagnostic Mammography CodesClaims4/24/2018
Claims Processing Issue for FQHC/RHC/IHS-MOA ProvidersClaims1/3/2018
Claims Processing Issue Affecting AIDS Medi-Cal Waiver Program ProvidersClaims5/17/2018
Changes to Pharmacy and Compound Drug Pharmacy Claim FormsPharmacy8/9/2018
Cardiac Rehabilitation is a New Medi-Cal BenefitBilling4/20/2018
Capitation of Antivirals/Inpatient Admissions Process Change for AIDS MCPClaims5/23/2018
CA-MMIS Mainframe Upgrade Scheduled for January 2018System1/25/2018
Buprenorphine Extended-Release Injection Added as a Pharmacy BenefitPharmacy10/17/2018
Billing Reminder: Pharmacy 340B Claim Submissions and Dispensing FeesPharmacy6/4/2018
Benefit Update for Intrauterine Contraceptive System (Kyleena)Claims1/17/2018
August Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedDHCS Notice8/13/2018
August 2018 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education6/11/2018
Aptiom Added as New Medi-Cal BenefitPharmacy1/29/2018
April 2018 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education2/9/2018
Anticipated Delay for Printed Remittance Advice DetailsEnhancements & Operations2/23/2018
Amended Billing Structure for California Community Transitions CodeClaims5/23/2018
Affordable Care Act Federal Upper Limit Effective DatesPharmacy4/11/2018
2018 ALW Program Reimbursement RatesRates1/8/2018