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Six Products Added to Antihemophilia Blood Factor ListBilling2/10/2017
Reminders Regarding Third-Party Liability BillingBilling5/8/2017
Update to IHS-MOA Provider Managed Care Differential Rate BillingBilling9/7/2017
New Pregnancy Aid Codes ReminderBilling6/30/2017
Billing Tips: Outpatient ServicesBilling10/6/2017
DRG Billing and Reimbursement Update for AIIR ServicesBilling2/7/2017
Diabetic Blood Glucose Test Strips – OneTouch Verio No Longer ContractedBilling10/20/2017
New Allergy Testing PolicyBilling8/9/2017
Fiscal Year Two-Week Checkwrite Hold for Specific Provider PaymentsBilling6/5/2017
Private Duty Nursing for Children and Adolescents Under EPSDT DetailedBilling4/5/2017
Clinic Dispensing Limits Increased for Contraceptive Vaginal Ring and PatchBilling3/20/2017
SSN Removal Initiative to Replace HIC Number on Medicare CardsBilling12/26/2017
Updated Ordering, Referring and Prescribing Frequently Asked QuestionsBilling3/8/2017
FQHC/RHC/IHS-MOA Code Conversion ReminderBilling12/1/2017
SAR Process Change for Providers of EPSDT Private Duty Nursing ServicesBilling12/8/2017
FQHC/RHC/IHS-MOA Code Conversion NoticeBilling1/16/2017
Erroneous Treatment Delays and Denials for HIV PrEP and PEPBilling12/11/2017
Update to the FQHC/RHC/IHS-MOA Code Conversion Readiness ChecklistBilling6/22/2017
Updated ACA Billing and Enrollment Requirements for ORP ProvidersBilling3/8/2017
2017 CPT-4 and HCPCS Updates Not Yet AdoptedBilling1/3/2017
FQHC/RHC/IHS-MOA Code Conversion: Frequently Asked QuestionsBilling1/16/2017
New Policy Guidance for Palliative CareBilling12/29/2017
AB 97 Pharmacy Drug Exemption Status UpdateBudget/Payment Reduction5/10/2017
AB 97 Pharmacy Drug Exemption Status UpdateBudget/Payment Reduction1/30/2017
June Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedBulletin Announcements6/15/2017
March Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedBulletin Announcements3/29/2017
Gender Specification Removed from BCCTP Aid CodesCancer Detection Programs10/2/2017
CHDP Phase 2 Correction: PM 160 Information Only Required for FQHCs, RHCs and IHS/MOAsChild Health and Disability Prevention Program5/3/2017
Plan to Prevent Infant Pertussis for Prenatal Care ProvidersChild Health and Disability Prevention Program1/20/2017
CHDP Phase 2 Reminder: Providers Must be Enrolled in Medi-CalChild Health and Disability Prevention Program5/15/2017
CHDP Notice: Reminders for Phase 1 Clinical Laboratory Only TransitionChild Health and Disability Prevention Program1/17/2017
Medi-Cal Services Rendered to Medicaid Eligible Natural Disaster EvacueesClaims10/9/2017
Extended Deadline of the Streamlined Procedure for ACA-Related AppealsClaims3/1/2017
Update to Guidelines for SAR and eSAR SubmissionClaims8/15/2017
Prescription Written by a Physician is Required for Medical SuppliesClaims5/25/2017
Providers May Be Receiving MCIP Reimbursement in ErrorClaims9/18/2017
Incorrect RAD Code Does Not Indicate Incorrect DRG ReimbursementClaims8/29/2017
Changes to Dressing Limitations for Certain Wound Care ClaimsClaims8/22/2017
Postponement of Mass Deactivation of Non-Participating ProvidersClaims7/21/2017
Reminder to FQHC/RHC/IHS-MOA Providers of Upcoming Code ConversionClaims7/19/2017
CHDP HIPAA Code Conversion and Claim Form Transition Phase IIClaims2/9/2017
MCIP Claims Denied with RAD code 9996Claims5/4/2017
CHDP Phase 2: HIPAA Code Conversion and Claim Form TransitionClaims4/5/2017
CHDP Phase 2: CLIA Certification Reminder for Laboratory ProvidersClaims4/5/2017
Reminder: Avoid Printing Data in Margins of Paper Claim FormsClaims6/1/2017
Correction: Certification Statement Required for Medical Supply Invoice AttachmentsClaims6/22/2017
Fiscal Year 2017 – 2018 State Budget Reimbursement ContingencyClaims6/19/2017
Non-Every Woman Counts Claims Erroneously Denied with RAD Code 0033Claims10/6/2017
Resubmission of Denied Medicare Non-Covered Incontinence Supplies ClaimsClaims12/29/2017
Claims Processing Issue for Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate Injection, MakenaClaims12/4/2017
Nusinersen, Bezlotoxumab and Ustekinumab are Medi-Cal BenefitsClaims10/12/2017
Claims Processing Issue for Emergency Dry RunsClaims12/27/2017
Erroneously Denied Radiation Treatment Claims Will Be ReprocessedClaims5/17/2017
Place of Service Codes Erroneously Denied with Sleep Study ClaimsClaims12/27/2017
Erroneous Denial of Routine Home Care ClaimsClaims3/29/2017
Proposition 56 Supplemental Payment for Physician ServicesClaims12/28/2017
New Managed Care Payment Process Upcoming for IHS-MOAClaims12/26/2017
EWC: Erroneous Payment Correction Planned for Breast Screening/Diagnostic ServicesClaims6/6/2017
Claims for Miscellaneous Drugs and Medical Supplies Erroneously DeniedClaims9/22/2017
Reminder: Claims for Emergency ServicesClaims2/13/2017
Anticipated Adoption of 2018 CPT-4 and HCPCS UpdatesDHCS Notice10/30/2017
HPE Portal Experiencing Issues with Eligibility EnrollmentDHCS Notice2/17/2017
March Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedDHCS Notice3/14/2017
Disaster Relief ProvidersDHCS Notice11/17/2017
Superior Systems Waiver Renewal Fact Sheet Available on the DHCS WebsiteDHCS Notice6/6/2017
Update: DHCS Fiscal Intermediary Name ChangeDHCS Notice1/31/2017
Public Comment for Allergy Testing Draft PolicyDHCS Notice4/3/2017
Public Comment for Superior Systems Waiver RenewalDHCS Notice4/28/2017
December Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedDHCS Notice12/14/2017
ACA's Nondiscrimination Policy Applies to Medi-CalDHCS Notice8/4/2017
HIV Drug Treatment Policy ClarificationDHCS Notice5/3/2017
Medi-Cal ORP Provider Enrollment Directions (Registration)DHCS Notice3/8/2017
HCBA Solicitation for Application Public NoticeDHCS Notice10/19/2017
DUR Board Meeting Date and Location ChangesDHCS Notice10/10/2017
GEMT Providers to Submit Data to DHCSDHCS Notice11/8/2017
SSN Removal Initiative to Replace HIC Number on Medicare CardsEnhancements & Operations3/22/2017
Medi-Cal Transactions Web Page DowntimeEnhancements & Operations12/1/2017
Gender is No Barrier to Applying for Medi-Cal Pregnancy ServiceseTAR & TAR5/12/2017
System Issue Regarding eTAR AttachmentseTAR & TAR5/5/2017
Reminder of eTAR Filing for Procedure Codes that Don't Require a TAReTAR & TAR4/7/2017
Every Woman Counts Income Eligibility Guidelines UpdateEvery Woman Counts3/28/2017
CME/CE Courses on HPV and Cervical Disease Announced for March, MayEvery Woman Counts3/13/2017
Recipients Must Meet Federal Poverty Level Requirements for BCCTP ServicesEvery Woman Counts8/24/2017
Update to EWC Diagnostic and Screening Mammography BenefitsEvery Woman Counts11/20/2017
Every Woman Counts Step-By-Step User Guide UpdatesEvery Woman Counts9/15/2017
EWC Provides Breast Cancer Diagnostic Services to Symptomatic IndividualsEvery Woman Counts12/28/2017
Every Woman Counts (EWC) Submission Deadline for Clinical ClaimsEvery Woman Counts10/13/2017
Updated HAP Card Annual Distribution LimitsFamily PACT3/1/2017
Family PACT Launches New Provider Orientation ProcessFamily PACT5/9/2017
Select Comprehensive Family Planning Services Policy UpdateFamily PACT12/28/2017
Reminder: Intrauterine Device Added as Benefit for Medi-Cal and Family PACTFamily PACT10/9/2017
Family PACT Update: KX Modifier Facilitates Claims for Transgender ServicesFamily PACT7/26/2017
Family PACT Claims for Moderate Sedation Services May Erroneously DenyFamily PACT10/9/2017
Correction to 2017 CPT-4/HCPCS Annual UpdateICD-109/7/2017
ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS 2018 Annual UpdateICD-109/7/2017
July 2017 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education5/9/2017
May 2017 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education3/22/2017
August 2017 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education6/6/2017
June 2017 Medi-Cal Provider Training WebinarsOutreach & Education4/3/2017
October 2017 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education8/18/2017
September 2017 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education7/26/2017
2018 Medi-Cal Provider Training ScheduleOutreach & Education11/29/2017
Hemophilia Billing Overview Webinar UpdateOutreach & Education12/19/2017
April 2017 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education2/8/2017
January 2018 Medi-Cal Provider Training WebinarsOutreach & Education11/3/2017
Correction: Provider OrientationOutreach & Education7/18/2017
February 2018 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education12/7/2017
Update: Immunize to Prevent and Control Hepatitis A OutbreaksPharmacy9/28/2017
Immunize to Prevent and Control Hepatitis A OutbreaksPharmacy8/11/2017
Naltrexone Expanded to Full-Scope Pharmacy BenefitPharmacy11/21/2017
Update on Payment Methodology for Physician-Administered DrugsPharmacy11/7/2017
POS Device Shortcut Key Functionality Now FixedPOS Device/Network8/21/2017
VeriFone VX 520 POS Device to Decommission in July 2018POS Device/Network11/14/2017
Medi-Cal Inmate County Program ReminderPrograms3/21/2017
PE for Pregnant Women Web Page Revised and New MC 311 Form PostedPrograms3/30/2017
New Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women User GuidePrograms3/30/2017
Now Available: Single Streamline Application Order FormPrograms6/6/2017
PE4PW Frequently Asked Questions UpdatedPrograms4/24/2017
PFNC Supplemental Reimbursement Program AvailablePrograms1/20/2017
Added Breast and Cervical Cancer Coverage to BCCTP ProgramPrograms1/9/2017
Counties Participating in MCIP for State Fiscal Year 2017 – 2018Programs6/15/2017
Black Infant Health Program Helps African-American Mothers and InfantsPrograms7/6/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates10/12/2017
Implementation Delayed for 2017 ALW Program Reimbursement RatesRates1/5/2017
Abortion Rates IncreaseRates11/10/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates1/12/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates8/10/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates9/12/2017
Update to Rates for Select Pathology and Cytopathology CPT-4 CodesRates5/1/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates7/7/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates4/11/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates5/10/2017
Erroneous Reimbursement Rate for FQHC and RHC Local CodesRates5/17/2017
Implementation Delay for 2017 IHS-MOA Reimbursement RatesRates5/25/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates2/9/2017
2017 IHS-MOA Reimbursement Rates UpdateRates3/29/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates11/10/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates6/9/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates12/13/2017
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates3/9/2017
AEVS Message Issue Relating to the Medi-Cal County Inmate ProgramSystem10/27/2017
CA-MMIS Mainframe Test Environment Upgrade Scheduled for December 2017System12/5/2017
TSC Phone Prompt Menu UpdatesTelephone Service Center2/23/2017