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CA-MMIS Upgrade October 9 and 16, 2016System10/5/2016
CA-MMIS Upgrade November 6, 2016System11/2/2016
Medi-Cal Web Transaction Services Application UpdatesSystem12/27/2016
Upcoming Changes for Licensed MidwivesSystem10/25/2016
CA-MMIS Upgrade Scheduled for October 16, 2016 PostponedSystem10/14/2016
Clarification Regarding Adjustments for Radiology Services Rate UpdatesRates5/12/2016
Second Certification Document for Reimbursement for Additional ACA CostsRates12/19/2016
LTC Rates Schedule UpdateRates10/26/2016
Long Term Care Rates Schedule UpdateRates12/9/2016
DME Quarterly Rate Update for Selected HCPCS CodesRates6/20/2016
LTC Rates Schedule Now AvailableRates9/26/2016
New Provider Bulletin: Updated Medi-Cal Provider Group ApplicationProvider Enrollment3/3/2016
New September 1 QASP Data Submission DeadlinePrograms8/23/2016
Minimum Wage Senate Bill 3 Impact SurveysPrograms10/27/2016
Updated California Smokers' Helpline Tobacco Cessation Resources Coming SoonPrograms7/12/2016
New PE for Pregnant Women Web Page on the Medi-Cal WebsitePrograms12/16/2016
Reminder: Omni 3300 POS Device to be Decommissioned in November 2016POS Device/Network9/16/2016
POS Device Update Underway for HIPAA ASC X12N v.5010A1 CompliancePOS Device/Network5/5/2016
AB 97 Pharmacy Drug Exemption Status UpdatePharmacy8/9/2016
Pharmacy Survey Available OnlinePharmacy1/19/2016
Brand Name Abilify 2 mg to Remain Labeler RestrictedPharmacy8/15/2016
Expanded Coverage for Naltrexone Long-Acting InjectionsPharmacy10/28/2016
DHCS Pharmacy Stakeholder Outreach EventPharmacy6/13/2016
Meningococcal Outbreak in Southern California, Vaccines Urged for At-Risk Adult Gay and Bisexual Men, and All People with HIVPharmacy8/12/2016
Draft Proposal for Comment: Coverage Policies for Prescription DrugsPharmacy9/2/2016
AB 97 Pharmacy Drug Exemption Stakeholder Update AvailablePharmacy3/9/2016
Reminder to Attend the DHCS Pharmacy Survey Informational WebinarPharmacy2/1/2016
DHCS Pharmacy Stakeholder Outreach EventPharmacy6/17/2016
DHCS Pharmacy Stakeholder Outreach EventPharmacy6/24/2016
April 2016 Medi-Cal Provider Seminar: Additional InformationOutreach & Education2/24/2016
Important News: 2016 Medi-Cal Provider Seminar RegistrationOutreach & Education3/8/2016
July 2016 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education5/19/2016
March 2017 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education12/29/2016
October 2016 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education8/11/2016
May 2016 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education3/9/2016
Upcoming HPV and Cervical Disease CME/CE CoursesOutreach & Education11/18/2016
April 2016 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education2/11/2016
New Computer-Based Training: Safeguarding Your Patients and Your PracticeOutreach & Education6/30/2016
September 2016 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education7/12/2016
DHCS Announces DUR Academic Detailing ConferenceOutreach & Education10/13/2016
March 2016 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education1/15/2016
Upcoming June 2016 Medi-Cal WebinarsOutreach & Education4/12/2016
2017 Medi-Cal Provider Training ScheduleOutreach & Education10/31/2016
2017 Medi-Cal Provider Seminar Registration and Workbook DownloadsOutreach & Education11/16/2016
August 2016 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education6/13/2016
Corrected Registration Dates: April 2016 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education3/2/2016
Provider Training Workbooks Available on Medi-Cal WebsiteOutreach & Education1/25/2016
Corrected Dates for the March 2016 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education3/1/2016
February 2017 Pasadena Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education12/7/2016
January 2017 Medi-Cal Provider Training WebinarsOutreach & Education10/19/2016
2017 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code UpdateICD-108/31/2016
Correction: ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes Returned to Two HCPCS CodesICD-101/8/2016
Additional Information: 2017 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code UpdateICD-1010/5/2016
Updated ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes for Chiropractic ServicesICD-101/25/2016
2017 ICD-10 Procedure Coding System UpdateICD-109/29/2016
Updated ‘2015 – 2016 Certification of Compliance’Forms12/23/2016
Family PACT Client Eligibility Verification IssueFamily PACT1/7/2016
Correction: 2016 HCPCS Codes Annual Update for Family PACTFamily PACT10/3/2016
Correction: 2016 HCPCS Codes Annual Update for Family PACTFamily PACT10/3/2016
Family PACT Updates Pharmacy Formulary for Emergency ContraceptivesFamily PACT4/15/2016
Family PACT Pharmacy TARs Accepted for Oral and Emergency ContraceptivesFamily PACT8/24/2016
Family PACT Updates Pharmacy Formulary for Oral ContraceptivesFamily PACT4/15/2016
Family PACT Updates Benefits for STD TreatmentFamily PACT3/30/2016
Family PACT Updates Lab Benefits Related to ContraceptivesFamily PACT3/3/2016
Implementation Delayed for Family PACT Benefit, CPT-4 Code 87806Family PACT11/7/2016
Family PACT Adds CPT-4 Code 87389 as BenefitFamily PACT5/26/2016
Family PACT Offers Interim Alternative to Requesting a TARFamily PACT7/19/2016
Every Woman Counts Income Eligibility Guidelines UpdateEvery Woman Counts3/23/2016
Postponed Infusion and Solution HCPCS Code Updates for Every Woman CountsEvery Woman Counts10/27/2016
Upcoming CME/CE Course: Cervical Cancer Screening & Diagnostic FollowUpEvery Woman Counts5/13/2016
EWC Provider Covered Procedures Forms UpdatedEvery Woman Counts2/1/2016
Update to Infusion and Solution Benefits for EWC ServicesEvery Woman Counts9/20/2016
SURGE eTAR Processing Issue ResolvedeTAR & TAR1/15/2016
Reminder Regarding Guidelines for TAR and eTAR SubmissioneTAR & TAR7/22/2016
Public and Private Hospitals Transition to DRG TAR-Free ProcesseTAR & TAR10/5/2016
Antihemophilic Factor Kovaltry Available Without TAReTAR & TAR6/28/2016
Status Update: Acknowledgement of Receipt of TAR AttachmentseTAR & TAR10/21/2016
Revised: Update to Screening Mammography Reimbursement RestrictionseTAR & TAR3/14/2016
PAVE Is HereEnhancements & Operations11/18/2016
Redesigned Medi-Cal Provider Enrollment PageEnhancements & Operations11/17/2016
New BIC Flyer Now Available in Nine LanguagesEnhancements & Operation11/7/2016
Senate Bill 75 Expands Full Scope Medi-Cal Coverage for All ChildrenDHCS Notice4/19/2016
New Provider Bulletin Regarding Medi-Cal Fee for Governmental AgenciesDHCS Notice5/24/2016
Omni 3300 POS Device to be Decommissioned in November 2016DHCS Notice4/22/2016
Contact Information Update for Mental Health Provider Permanent PIN RequestsDHCS Notice5/24/2016
October Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedDHCS Notice10/9/2016
Provider Customer Service SurveyDHCS Notice8/4/2016
Correction: Updated LTC Rates for Pediatric Subacute FacilitiesDHCS Notice6/3/2016
Revisions to 2016 CPT-4/HCPCS Annual UpdateDHCS Notice10/5/2016
Delayed Implementation: CLIA-Waived Benefit for HIV-1 and HIV-2 Testing CodeDHCS Notice9/20/2016
ACA Federal Upper Limits Coming SoonDHCS Notice3/14/2016
Updated Age and Frequency Restrictions for HPV Testing CodesDHCS Notice1/5/2016
January Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedDHCS Notice1/14/2016
CHDP: Incorrect Rates Removed for MenB VaccinesDHCS Notice1/29/2016
New Provider Bulletin Regarding Medi-Cal Revalidation RequirementDHCS Notice1/16/2016
New Medi-Cal Enrollment Requirements for Licensed MidwivesDHCS Notice1/29/2016
New Provider Bulletin Regarding Enrollment of Clinics Exempt from LicensureDHCS Notice1/28/2016
Updated ‘2014 – 2015 Certification of Compliance’DHCS Notice1/4/2016
DHCS Fiscal Intermediary Name ChangeDHCS Notice12/27/2016
Provider Manual Indexes SurveyDHCS Notice3/3/2016
New Provider Bulletin: Requirements for Adding a Group Provider TypeDHCS Notice3/3/2016
April Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedDHCS Notice4/12/2016
Provider Manual Survey Now AvailableDHCS Notice4/29/2016
PAVE Upcoming ActivitiesDHCS Notice4/21/2016
Update to VeriFone VX 520 POS Device User GuideDHCS Notice2/8/2016
Customer Satisfaction Survey Closes September 26, 2016DHCS Notice9/22/2016
Reminder: Provider Customer Service SurveyDHCS Notice8/26/2016
December Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedDHCS Notice12/15/2016
PAVE Upcoming ActivitiesDHCS Notice3/25/2016
PAVE Open House Scheduled for AprilDHCS Notice4/11/2016
Update to Timeliness Date for Resubmission of DRG Claims Over 22 LinesClaims2/5/2016
Erroneous Denial of LEA Preventative Medicine Counseling ClaimsClaims3/24/2016
Reminder: Claim Submission for Long Term Care Requires an NPIClaims3/16/2016
Claims Reimbursement Update for Marriage and Family Therapy ProvidersClaims3/25/2016
Reimbursement Instructions for DRG Claims with New Patient Status CodesClaims1/19/2016
ACA Federal Upper Limits ImplementedClaims5/2/2016
Update: DRG Claims Erroneously Denied with RAD Code 9953 ResolvedClaims1/26/2016
Retroactive Updates for Leuprolide AcetateClaims4/28/2016
Claims Processing Issue with Submitting Pathology CodesClaims4/27/2016
Claims Processing Issue and Billing Reminder for MFT and LCSW ProvidersClaims3/17/2016
Notification to LTC Providers Submitting CMC and Receiving CMC Error Code 26Claims11/15/2016
LEA Speech-Language and Audiology Billing Code Changes and Telehealth OptionClaims8/29/2016
New Medi-Cal County Inmate Program PolicyClaims10/11/2016
Flu Vaccine Flucelvax Added as a BenefitClaims12/22/2016
Claims Processing Issue Affecting PFC/PPCW Provider ClaimsClaims12/29/2016
Update: Correction for Erroneously Denied Hospice Room and Board ClaimsClaims10/19/2016
Update: DRG Claims Erroneously Grouping to APR-DRG 951 and 952Claims9/8/2016
Medi-Cal County Inmate Program Effective Date ChangedClaims12/22/2016
New Pregnancy Aid CodesClaims11/4/2016
Updated Reimbursement Rates for Routine Home CareClaims6/14/2016
Age Restriction Removed for Breast Cancer Diagnostic Procedure Codes for EWCClaims12/30/2016
Erroneously Denied Claims for Chorionic GonadotropinClaims7/29/2016
Medi-Cal Coverage of End of Life Option Act ServicesClaims6/10/2016
Reminder: Paper Claim Submission GuidelinesClaims12/9/2016
Filing Period Extended for ACA Appeals Using Streamlined ProcedureClaims12/9/2016
Upcoming EPC for Intrauterine Contraceptive System Claim DenialsClaims12/9/2016
PET Diagnostic Agents Flutemetamol and Florbetaben Now Medi-Cal BenefitsClaims11/18/2016
Erroneously Denied Ophthalmology Claims Will Be ReprocessedClaims9/20/2016
Clarification of Requirements for Medical Transportation Emergency StatementClaims11/1/2016
Timeliness Date Extended for Resubmission of DRG Claims Over 22 LinesClaims8/12/2016
Acupuncture Services RestoredClaims7/20/2016
Update: DRG Claims Denied with RAD Code 0314 May Be ReprocessedClaims5/26/2016
2017 ICD-10-CM Code Update for Contraceptive-Related ServicesClaims10/17/2016
ACA-Related Appeals of NICU/PICU Claims PaymentClaims3/16/2016
Updated Clinic Billing Policy for Managed Care Differential RateClaims7/26/2016
Erroneous Denial of Pathology ClaimsClaims4/13/2016
Medical Transportation Claim Submission UpdatesClaims8/3/2016
Erroneous Denial of Mammography ClaimsClaims12/6/2016
CHDP Looking Ahead: Phase 2 HIPAA Code Conversion and Claim Form TransitionClaims11/30/2016
Reminder: Guidelines for SAR and eSAR SubmissionClaims9/7/2016
Correction of Erroneously Denied Tracheostomy Care Kit ClaimsClaims8/26/2016
Obstetric Policy Adjustor on DRG Claims Will Be ReprocessedClaims6/30/2016
Fiscal Year 2016 – 2017 State Budget Reimbursement ContingencyClaims6/14/2016
Correction for Erroneously Denied Hospice Room and Board ClaimsClaims9/13/2016
CHDP Notice: Upcoming HIPAA Code Conversion and Claim Form TransitionClaims9/20/2016
Zika Virus Guidelines for Healthcare ProvidersChild Health and Disability Prevention Program3/3/2016
Correction: CHDP Notice Additional Bright Futures Benefits Reimbursable Beginning JulyChild Health and Disability Prevention Program8/9/2016
Zika Information Available on the CDPH WebsiteChild Health and Disability Prevention Program3/31/2016
CHDP Periodicity SchedulesChild Health and Disability Prevention Program7/15/2016
New Health Assessment BenefitsChild Health and Disability Prevention Program7/15/2016
CHDP Influenza Vaccine Update for 2016 – 2017 Flu SeasonChild Health and Disability Prevention Program9/15/2016
ACA ORP Providers Frequently Asked Questions Now AvailableBulletin Announcements9/20/2016
Release Date for New Benefits Identification Card DesignBulletin Announcements8/16/2016
Update: Ten Percent Payment Reduction for DME ProvidersBudget/Payment Reduction9/22/2016
CHDP HIPAA Code Conversion for Clinical Laboratory Service Providers Coming SoonBilling10/26/2016
CHDP Notice: Phase 1 Clinical Laboratory Only Transition UpdateBilling12/8/2016
Updates to List of Contracted Advanced Wound Care DressingsBilling1/6/2016
Correction: Polysomnography – Place of Service Code Added and Local Codes TerminatedBilling8/3/2016
Fiscal Year Two-Week Checkwrite Hold for Specific Provider PaymentsBilling6/6/2016
Filing Period Extended for ACA Appeals Using Streamlined ProcedureBilling6/23/2016
New Benefit: 9-Valent Human PapillomavirusBilling7/29/2016
Reminder: Billing Requirements for Non-Split-Billable ServicesBilling9/13/2016
Updates to the List of Enteral Nutrition Products for Nutricia North AmericaBilling10/5/2016
Correction to 2016 CPT-4/HCPCS Annual UpdateBilling10/31/2016
New CHDP Benefits: Meningococcal B VaccinesBilling2/26/2016
Updated List of Contracted Incontinence Absorbent Products Now AvailableBilling11/30/2016
Local Educational Agency Free Care Policy ClarificationBilling8/29/2016
Blood Factor and Blood Derivative Billing Overview: Medicare Crossover and Medicare GHPP Claims Tutorial UpdateBilling1/4/2016
Surgery Reimbursement Cutback when Billing with Modifiers 54 and 55 DelayedBilling3/15/2016
Reminder: Identifying Adjustments That Create Negative BalancesBilling9/2/2016
Clarification: Unconverted HHA Codes Do Not Require Revenue CodeBilling12/6/2016
Select Dental Hygienists Added as Reimbursable Providers for IHS-MOA ClinicsBilling12/13/2016
Delay Update: CLIA-Waived Benefit for HIV-1 and HIV-2 Testing CodeBilling10/14/2016