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New Presumptive Eligibility Medi-Cal Coverage for AdultsDHCS Notice12/31/2013
Family PACT Manual Page UpdateFamily PACT12/27/2013
Ista Pharmaceuticals Products No Longer a Medi-Cal BenefitClaims12/27/2013
EPSDT Contact Information for PDHC and PDN ServicesDHCS Notice12/26/2013
Provider Enrollment Application Fee Change for 2014Provider Enrollment12/24/2013
Medi-Cal Benefits Update for Prescriptions Containing AcetaminophenClaims12/19/2013
February 2014 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education12/17/2013
Family Planning Code Conversion: Final PolicyBudget/Payment Reduction12/17/2013
Every Woman Counts Expands List of Covered ServicesEvery Woman Counts12/17/2013
Family PACT Code Conversion: Final PolicyFamily PACT12/17/2013
Code Added to PFC/PPCW Program Elimination of OHC Billing RequirementsBilling12/17/2013
December Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedBulletin Announcements12/11/2013
Update: FQHC, RHC and IHS Billing Under Managed Care ExpansionBilling12/10/2013
Update to Changes Regarding Optional Benefits Exclusion for FQHCs and RHCsClaims12/6/2013
Psychology Services ExpandedDHCS Notice12/3/2013
New Phone Number for CHDP Gateway Application AssistanceChild Health and Disability Prevention Program12/3/2013
Reminders Regarding Third-Party Liability BillingBilling12/2/2013
CCS Program Policy Updates and Corrected RTD AddressDHCS Notice12/2/2013
Reminder: Contacting the Small Provider Billing UnitBilling12/2/2013
Upcoming Changes to Retroactive Medicare Claim Business ProcessClaims11/27/2013
Medi-Cal Suspended and Ineligible Provider List: Available in Excel FormatBulletin Announcements11/27/2013
TAR Address Update for Regionalized Services, Field Offices and AppealseTAR & TAR11/26/2013
Claims Processing Issue for Heparin Flushes CorrectedClaims11/22/2013
New Mental Health TAR Update Transmittal Form 18-3 ReleasedeTAR & TAR11/11/2013
Notification to Medi-Cal Providers Submitting eTAR AttachmentseTAR & TAR11/11/2013
Public Comment Forum for HIPAA Code Conversion for Local Modifier ZS Has ClosedBilling11/6/2013
January 2014 Medi-Cal WebinarsOutreach & Education11/5/2013
New Telehealth Web PageDHCS Notice11/4/2013
Hot News Enhancement Added to the Medi-Cal WebsiteEnhancements & Operations11/1/2013
Updates to Emergency Contraceptives: Ulipristal Acetate and LevonorgestrelBilling11/1/2013
Update: Submission of Claims for ParaGard Intrauterine DeviceClaims10/31/2013
Notice of Changes Regarding Optional Benefits Exclusion for FQHCs and RHCsClaims10/30/2013
CHDP Pre-Enrollment Application has been UpdatedBulletin Announcements10/22/2013
PM 330 Sterilization Consent Form Webinar in DecemberOutreach & Education10/18/2013
RAD Codes 0002 and 0314: Crossover Denials and EPC Phase III Implementation UpdateClaims10/15/2013
Medi-Cal Website Scheduled DowntimeDHCS Notice10/15/2013
Update to Effective Date for Epoetin AlfaClaims10/7/2013
Webinar to Discuss the Development and Implementation of the PAVE SystemOutreach & Education10/7/2013
Recordkeeping and Signature Policy UpdateFamily PACT10/4/2013
FQHC/RHC Annual Rate AdjustmentBudget/Payment Reduction10/2/2013
Managed Care Update: San Benito CountyBudget/Payment Reduction9/18/2013
Managed Care Update: Alpine, Amador, Butte, Calaveras, Colusa, El Dorado, Glenn, Inyo, Mariposa, Mono, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sierra, Sutter, Tehama, Tuolumne and Yuba CountiesBudget/Payment Reduction9/18/2013
Managed Care Update: Imperial CountyBudget/Payment Reduction9/18/2013
Managed Care Update: Amador, El Dorado and Placer CountiesBudget/Payment Reduction9/18/2013
Upcoming Changes: HIPAA Code Conversion for Local Modifier ZSBilling9/16/2013
OHC Fax Number and Paper Forms To Be EliminatedDHCS Notice9/16/2013
Meeting to Discuss the Development and Implementation of the PAVE SystemDHCS Notice9/9/2013
Electronic TARs Now Available for HospitalseTAR & TAR9/9/2013
Additional Diagnosis-Related Group Billing WebinarsOutreach & Education9/4/2013
FQHC/ RHC/IHS Billing Recommendations For Billing Codes 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 18Billing9/3/2013
October 2013 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education9/3/2013
Telehealth Billing Webinar in SeptemberOutreach & Education8/19/2013
Upcoming Changes: HIPAA Code Conversion for Local Modifier ZSBilling8/16/2013
Implementation of Assembly Bill 97 ReductionsBudget/Payment Reduction8/15/2013
CLLS Data Submission Deadline Extended to August 30, 2013Budget/Payment Reduction8/5/2013
Most Common Denial Reasons Anticipated Under DRG Reimbursement MethodologyDiagnosis-Related Groups8/5/2013
Public Comment Forum Upcoming Changes: HIPAA Code Conversion for Local Modifier ZSBilling8/5/2013
Correction: EPC for Laboratory Services Rate UpdateClaims8/1/2013
Effective Date Changed for Laboratory Services Rate UpdateClaims7/26/2013
September 2013 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education7/22/2013
ICD-10: New FAQs PageDHCS Notice7/12/2013
New Payment Methodology May Impact Family PACT Inpatient ClaimsFamily PACT7/9/2013
Assisted Living Waiver Providers Exempt from Assembly Bill 97Budget/Payment Reduction7/3/2013
New eTAR Special Handling Codes for Hospital AdmissionseTAR & TAR7/1/2013
Medi-Cal Provider Seminar: August 13 – 14, 2013Outreach & Education6/28/2013
July 16–17, 2013 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education6/27/2013
Assembly Bill 97 Provider Payment ReductionsBudget/Payment Reduction6/25/2013
FY 2013 – 2014 State Budget Reimbursement ContingencyBudget/Payment Reduction6/24/2013
Upcoming Diagnosis-Related Groups Billing WebinarsDiagnosis-Related Groups6/18/2013
Diagnosis Related Groups – Part 1: APR-DRG Reimbursement ImplementationDiagnosis-Related Groups6/18/2013
Ninth Circuit Denies Motion for Stay of MandateBudget/Payment Reduction6/16/2013
Discontinuation of the NCI 2.5 Percent Withhold for FY 2012 – 2013Budget/Payment Reduction6/14/2013
June Medi-Cal Update Bulletins: Posting Date DelayedBulletin Announcements6/12/2013
Medi-Cal Checkwrite Schedule UpdatedBudget/Payment Reduction6/12/2013
Epoetin Alfa and Darbepoetin Alfa Billing RecommendationsBilling6/10/2013
No RAD During Checkwrite Hold PeriodBudget/Payment Reduction6/10/2013
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Option Added for DRGDiagnosis-Related Groups6/7/2013
Telehealth Services: Definition and Documentation GuidelinesOutreach & Education6/7/2013
Family PACT and Medi-Cal Family Planning Code ConversionsFamily PACT6/5/2013
Fiscal Year 2012 – 2013 Checkwrite Hold for Specific Provider PaymentsBudget/Payment Reduction6/3/2013
Payment Error Rate Measurement Program Review: Webinar UpdateBudget/Payment Reduction5/31/2013
Vision Services Technical Difficulties CorrectedClaims5/30/2013
Ninth Circuit Denies Request for Rehearing Regarding Assembly Bill 97 Payment ReductionsBudget/Payment Reduction5/29/2013
Corrected Number for eTAR Attachments Fax LineeTAR & TAR5/28/2013
Reminder: CLLS Data Submission Deadline is May 31, 2013Budget/Payment Reduction5/24/2013
4010 Shutdown Successfully ImplementedClaims4/30/2013
June 2013 Medi-Cal WebinarsOutreach & Education4/24/2013
Affordable Care Act Rate Increase for Certain Primary Care ServicesBudget/Payment Reduction4/24/2013
May 2013 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education4/23/2013
Every Woman Counts Income Eligibility Guidelines UpdateEvery Woman Counts4/19/2013
Update to Hearing Aid Reimbursement PolicyBilling4/12/2013
Upcoming Diagnosis-Related Groups Billing WebinarsDiagnosis-Related Groups4/11/2013
New CLLS Rate Methodology Posted and Data Submission Deadline ExtendedBudget/Payment Reduction4/8/2013
Policy Revision for GlucarpidaseBilling3/29/2013
Telephone Service Center Experiencing Technical DifficultiesTelephone Service Center3/29/2013
Skilled Nursing Facilities: Quality Assurance Fee for Rate Year 2012 – 2013 UpdateBudget/Payment Reduction3/28/2013
DRG Implementation: Rehabilitation Services and Administrative Level 2 DaysDiagnosis-Related Groups3/27/2013
Diagnosis Related Group Exceptions: Rehabilitation Services and Level 2 Admin DaysDiagnosis-Related Groups3/27/2013
Income Eligibility Guidelines Update for Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant WomenDHCS Notice3/26/2013
CHDP Gateway Program Income Eligibility Guidelines UpdateChild Health and Disability Prevention Program3/26/2013
April 2013 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education3/25/2013
Solutions for Denied MERs from Mandatory Enrollment into a Medi-Cal Managed Care PlanDHCS Notice3/15/2013
Computer Media Claims: Software Issues FixedClaims3/8/2013
Hearing Aid Reimbursement Policy UpdateClaims3/6/2013
March 2013 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education2/27/2013
Crosswalk Code in Development for Terminated Azithromycin CodesDHCS Notice2/26/2013
Clarification: Prenatal Vitamins Limited to One Unit per Date of ServicePharmacy2/19/2013
Computer Media Claims Attachment Problems ResolvedClaims2/18/2013
Billing for Doxycycline CapsulesBilling2/15/2013
February 2013 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education2/11/2013
Medi-Cal Benefits Identification Card Number Available on AEVSPOS Device/Network2/7/2013
Correction to Resumption Date of LEA Withhold for the FY 2012–2013Budget/Payment Reduction2/1/2013
Computer Media Claims Attachment ProblemsClaims2/1/2013
Revised Provider Enrollment Application Forms and New Application FeesDHCS Notice1/28/2013
Local Codes X7724 and X7726: Correction to Termination AnnouncementBulletin Announcements1/24/2013
January 2013 Medi-Cal WebinarsOutreach & Education1/16/2013
January 2013 Provider Bulletins Now AvailableBulletin Announcements1/16/2013
Denied Claims for Every Woman Counts Program UpdateClaims1/14/2013
Medical Exemption Requests Processed IncorrectlyDHCS Notice1/3/2013
Eligibility Systems UpdateSystem1/3/2013