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ADHC/CBAS Certification and Enrollment Moratorium ExpirationProvider Enrollment12/28/2012
New Medi-Cal Ordering/Referring/Prescribing Provider Application AvailableProvider Enrollment12/28/2012
Medi-Cal Officially Goes Live with the Medi-Cal Subscription ServiceDHCS Notice12/27/2012
Update for Multiple Imaging Procedures: CT, CTA, MRI and MRAClaims12/24/2012
RAD Codes 0314 and 0002: Crossover Denials Update and EPC Implementation UpdateClaims12/21/2012
Primary Care Physician Rate IncreaseRates12/21/2012
Enhancements Added to the Medi-Cal WebsiteDHCS Notice12/20/2012
Tracking Medical Claims Using SCPIClaims12/19/2012
Medi-Cal Payment Reduction UpdateBudget/Payment Reduction12/18/2012
Resumption of Withhold for the FY 2012–2013DHCS Notice12/17/2012
Hearing Aids Reimbursement Policy ChangeBudget/Payment Reduction12/14/2012
Cervical Cancer Screening Age Eligibility UpdateEvery Woman Counts12/4/2012
New Articles on the Provider Enrollment PageProvider Enrollment11/30/2012
Medi-Cal Announces Launch of the Medi-Cal Subscription ServiceDHCS Notice11/30/2012
Transaction Services Update: Warning Banner on LoginPOS Device/Network11/30/2012
Appeals Sequence Number CorrectionBudget/Payment Reduction11/29/2012
Update to Medi-Cal Coverage of Medicare Part D Excluded Categories of DrugsPharmacy11/29/2012
CHDP Form UpdateForms11/16/2012
Volser Submission IssuesTelephone Service Center11/14/2012
Comment Forum Open for Proposed Wheelchair Reimbursement RevisionDHCS Notice11/13/2012
Diagnosis-Related Groups: Contract and Health Facility Planning Areas ChangesDiagnosis-Related Groups11/12/2012
Northern Pharmacy Section TAR Address ChangeeTAR & TAR11/5/2012
Updated Long Term Care Reimbursement RatesBudget/Payment Reduction10/31/2012
Refrain From Updating Paper TARs using eTAReTAR & TAR10/31/2012
New Provider-Preventable Conditions Page on the Medi-Cal WebsiteDHCS Notice10/29/2012
RAD Codes 0314 and 0002: Crossover Denials Update and EPC ImplementationClaims10/29/2012
Claims with SAR Units Decremented Incorrectly Will Be ReprocessedClaims10/29/2012
2012 Family PACT Program CPT-4/HCPCS Codes Annual UpdateFamily PACT10/23/2012
Erroneously Generated RTDs for Radiology ServicesClaims10/22/2012
Enrolling Effectively in Medi-Cal to Bill Successfully Webinar Available in NovemberOutreach & Education10/17/2012
CMC File Status not Found with Volser NumberTelephone Service Center10/17/2012
CMC Files with Duplicate Volsers ReprocessedClaims10/16/2012
FQHC/RHC Prospective Payment Rate Adjustment InquiriesBudget/Payment Reduction10/11/2012
Diagnosis-Related Group Payment Methodology to Implement in 2013Diagnosis-Related Groups10/4/2012
Reimbursement Policy Update for Physician Administered DrugsPharmacy10/1/2012
Reimbursement Rate Change for Respiratory Syncytial Virus Immune Globulin CorrectionBudget/Payment Reduction9/25/2012
ACA Provider Screening Requirements now Available on the DHCS WebsiteProvider Enrollment9/21/2012
CCS Service Code Groupings Update, Delay in System UpdateSystem9/21/2012
Medical Supply Products: Billing Policy ClarificationBilling9/10/2012
LEA: Initiation of A&I One Percent Withhold for FY 2012–2013 CorrectionBilling9/6/2012
Payment Reform Stakeholder WebinarOutreach & Education9/5/2012
October 2012 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education9/4/2012
Effective Date Correction for PAD Billing Code ConversionsBilling8/31/2012
RAD Code 0314: Crossover Denials UpdateClaims8/23/2012
Request for Medical Exemption from Managed Care Plan EnrollmentForms8/17/2012
New TAR Addresses for San Francisco Field OfficeeTAR & TAR8/17/2012
HIPAA Related ArticlesDHCS Notice8/13/2012
DHCS Fiscal Intermediary Name ChangeDHCS Notice8/7/2012
Midazolam Hydrochloride Effective Date CorrectionDHCS Notice8/3/2012
September 2012 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education8/1/2012
POS Network Messages ReleasedPOS Device/Network7/25/2012
Healthy Families Code 19: Frequently Asked QuestionsEnhancements & Operations7/24/2012
Use TAR 3 Attachment form to FAX eTAR AttachmentseTAR & TAR7/18/2012
Cancer Detection Programs: Every Woman Counts Code UpdateEvery Woman Counts7/13/2012
P .O. Box Closure: Other Health Coverage InformationDHCS Notice7/13/2012
August 2012 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education7/9/2012
Batch Claims Issue Resolved: ASC X12N 5010 and NCPDP 1.2 June 28 AlertClaims6/27/2012
Transition of CMAC Power, Duties and Responsibilities to DHCSDHCS Notice6/20/2012
FY 2012 – 2013 State Budget Reimbursement ContingencyBudget/Payment Reduction6/15/2012
One Week Checkwrite Hold for Fee-For-Service Provider PaymentBudget/Payment Reduction6/14/2012
Medi-Cal Checkwrite Schedule UpdatedBudget/Payment Reduction6/14/2012
Cefoxitin Sodium Code ConversionPharmacy6/6/2012
San Francisco Field Office TAR Address ChangeeTAR & TAR6/5/2012
Long Acting, Reversible Contraceptives Insertion Rate IncreaseBudget/Payment Reduction6/5/2012
Payment Adjustment for Provider-Preventable ConditionsBudget/Payment Reduction5/29/2012
July 2012 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education5/29/2012
RHC/FQHC Billing Clarification for Codes 18 and 19Claims5/14/2012
Community-Based Adult Services Reimbursable to RHCs and FQHCsDHCS Notice5/4/2012
Dosage Restriction for Chemotherapeutic Drug Ipilimumab (Yervoy)Pharmacy5/4/2012
Dental GMC Expectations and Action ItemsDHCS Notice5/1/2012
June Medi-Cal WebinarsOutreach & Education4/24/2012
Federal Poverty Level Update for Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women ProgramDHCS Notice4/24/2012
Checkwrite "In Process" ClarificationBudget/Payment Reduction4/24/2012
Implementation of Medi-Cal Provider Payment ReductionsBudget/Payment Reduction4/20/2012
Incorrect Withhold on Local Educational Agency AccountsTelephone Service Center4/18/2012
ADHC Eliminated as a Medi-Cal BenefitBudget/Payment Reduction4/13/2012
Long-Acting, Reversible Contraceptives UpdateFamily PACT4/12/2012
ADHC Manuals Updated for CBAS TransitionBudget/Payment Reduction4/11/2012
2012 Federal Poverty Levels for CHDP GatewayChild Health and Disability Prevention Program4/2/2012
Discontinuation of the FY 2011–2012 Audits and Investigations WithholdClaims4/2/2012
May 2012 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education4/2/2012
Change in CCS and GHPP Inpatient Reimbursement MethodologyBudget/Payment Reduction3/26/2012
Community-Based Adult Services Updates: Effective Date Revised, IPC AdaptedDHCS Notice3/23/2012
Update for Per-Visit Code 19 ClaimsClaims3/21/2012
Anti-Fraud Provisions of the Affordable Care ActClaims3/16/2012
New Community-Based Adult Services Program Coming SoonDHCS Notice3/13/2012
Important Reminder for Claims Inquiry Form CompletionClaims3/13/2012
Fiscal Year 2011 – 2012 Medi-Cal Institutional Provider Payment Hold: UpdateBudget/Payment Reduction3/13/2012
March Webinars: Electronic Health Record Incentive ProgramOutreach & Education3/8/2012
New POS User Guide and POS Forms UpdateForms3/5/2012
Update to EPC Reprocess for Per-Visit Code 19 ClaimsClaims3/2/2012
April 2012 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education2/27/2012
Low Income Health Programs: Out-of-Network Emergency ServicesBilling2/8/2012
March 2012 Medi-Cal Provider SeminarOutreach & Education2/6/2012
Fiscal Year 2011 – 2012 Medi-Cal Institutional Provider Payment HoldBudget/Payment Reduction2/2/2012
Enteral Nutrition Product List Updates for Standard CategoryPharmacy1/31/2012
January Medi-Cal Webinars UpdateOutreach & Education1/12/2012
New Enrollment and Disenrollment Options for Medi-Cal Managed CareProvider Enrollment1/4/2012